The Guilty Pleasures of a Healthy Living Blogger

We all have our guilty pleasures, right?

Whether it’s that tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the back of the freezer, singing in the shower to Bieber, or (still) crushing on Duncan from Blue (ahem…) we have our little secret loves.

No shame in it. I’m all for doing what makes you feel good, and sometimes it’s those things that you know are a little wrong that feel so particularly right.

I’m all for advocating what I believe is a healthy lifestyle: real food, daily activity, healthy fats, organic produce, toxin-free makeup… you know my deal.


I think it’s time I confess some of my less-than-healthy occasional habits. I hope you understand.

Please don’t judge me! (Or if you do, please don’t tell me.)

Guilty Pleasures

The Guilty Pleasures of a Healthy Living Blogger

Powerbar ProteinPlus

So Holland & Barrett do these protein bars that aren’t exactly the most wholesome fuel on the planet – but I bloody love them. Invert syrup? Not sure I want that in me on a regular basis. What’s worse, is I have been known to grab one on the way to the pub. Powerbar + cheesy chips + beer = dinner. No.

ProteinPlus bar

Diet coke

The office I was recently working in brought out my teenhood craving for diet coke. Oh, aspartame how you get us hooked around your carcinogenic finger. Now I can handle up to 3 coffees in a day without it taking much toll on my body (that I’m aware of) but ONE can of diet coke will send me into an almost queasy jittery version of myself. Yet I would still pop one at 3pm. Nothing like that sound!

Diet Coke Addiction

The addiction is real.


Spending the day in gym clothes

I actually think over the bank holiday weekend I spent 48 hours in my gym sweats. No showering in between, and yes I slept in them. I’m incredibly lazy for a productive person.

Protein powder for dinner

I’ve actually banned myself from all forms of protein powder for one week because of how much I realised I was consuming recently. It’s what happens when I’m short on time, I want something sweet and I have no form of real food protein in the kitchen. I’m all for using it as a supplement to a generally healthy, whole food diet and pre and post training, but relying on it for main meals isn’t a good habit of mine.

Protein Powder fro dinner

Egg whites in a carton

HEAR ME OUT. I know I’m all about #eattheyolk, and for all other egg formats I will use whole, free range eggs. But there is something about an omelette made fluffy with beating the living daylights out of 1 egg + 1 cup of egg whites that makes me go weak at the eggy knees. It makes me feel slightly better to know that Two Chicks use free range eggs and the yolks are put to good use (mayonnaise!?)

Clinique mascara

I use two mascaras: one is Benecos, which I love. A great company who use really sound ingredients and are incredibly priced for what you get. BUT… when I want my lashes to look flutter fantastic, I have to revert to my old ways. Clinique is my wand of choice.


Two Heinz products specifically: baked beans and ketchup. Sometimes a meal just needs a flavour that tomato pasata won’t give me. I’m all for making my own ‘healthy versions’ of these kind of commodities, but whatever the special ingredient is (love!?) in Heinz branded products is… I can’t help but keep them in my cupboard for emergency cravings.

Beans means Heinz

Like I can hide them with an egg…


I try to stay clear of soy bean-derived products* now that I have my suspicions about their effect on our hormone levels. But sometimes… a girl gets cravings. When I fancy a cappuccino and almond milk isn’t on the menu, I’d rather go for a soy milk than cow’s, due to 1) taste and 2) my dairy-despising skin.

I also have a penchant for Alpro’s soy desserts. Vanilla, if you must know. But I saw a gingerbread one the other day and nearly had a hernia.

*Does not include fermented soy (natto, miso, tempeh) – this isn’t meant to have such an effect on our hormones and if anything the fermented beneficial bacteria does the gut good. I eat this in one or more forms daily!

Baptiste dry shampoo

When you aim to wash your hair once a week max, there are some weeks when it’s tougher to make it to the end without losing friends/getting sectioned. I recently  found myself at my parents house and reaching for the Baptiste before I dashed out. I Do kind of dread to think what it does to my locks long term, and my lungs for that matter, but I just love the smell and it just WORKS!


Linking up with Thursday’s thinking out loud on Running with Spoons.

What are your guilty no-so-healthy pleasures?


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  1. says

    Here we go…
    *I will hold back on washing my hair some day’s if I know I’m working out the following morning and I don’t care, the bun is hair style was created for this.
    *I eat real chocolate, with you know, white sugar, fats,the works!
    *I have been know to shower, then put fresh sport’s wear on, just to sit around the house (yoga pants – best pants yes?)
    *When I’m out and about, I’ll order diet coke and I drink lots of diet squash (and wonder why I need to pee allllll the time?)
    *I put peanut butter on my Nakd bar’s – Not so healthy now right?
    *I have little 15g Nutella sachets for those important ‘I need all that nasty chemical crap now’ days..
    Sod it, let’s not feel guilty and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life? Heniz beans are the best beans and a little soy/protein for dinner won’t hurt! :) xo

    • Cat says

      OMG pb on Nakd bars… I NEED to do this! Haha hang on now I’ve got another guilty pleasure – d’oh! Yeah, it really is all about the little pleasures in life and enjoying them without the guilt.

  2. says

    Bahaha. Well tomorrow I’m working from home so that means I get to wear my fitness gear all day long, woohoo!
    I love both Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke – as long as it’s from the tap in a pub. Bottle or can? Nooo thank you.
    Eggs and beans literally make me gag. Eggs and ketchup as well. Bleurrrgh. Not a big fan of baked beans in general really (beans on toast was a staple meal during my youth that I think I’m just over it now).
    I use Batiste as well – the brunette one at the end. I have to be careful with it though because it’s dark that if I get it on my forehead it looks like I’ve been punched or haven’t washed.
    I drink Options hot chocolate every single day and I can’t stop. And squash. Ohh the sweeteners…they haunt me!

    • Cat says

      Haha I hear you on the sweeteners – it’s so hard to avoid them! Oh I was eyeing up some Option sachets in Tesco today and just know they have to happen know the weather’s turning 😉

  3. says

    Batiste is the love of my LIFE. I seriously think I’m going to have to start investing in stock because of how much of it I use 😆 And ketchup. Oh gawl. I have a joke that I eat my ketchup with a side of food because of how much of it I use. And also… jelly beans. Every day 😯

    • Cat says

      It just makes every meal better right! Haha I’m imagining you having a jelly bean dispenser in each room – that would be the best house ever…

  4. says

    I love that dry shampoo too- I tried a Lush one that was like talc in a bottle, but it just is not as good.
    Also, the Alpro gingerbread one is amazing, but I think it contains dairy (as I think it has a teeny bit of crushed biscuit or something to flavour it)- I love the dark chocolate or caramel ones.- if you put some strawberries in the tub it’s not so bad!

    • Cat says

      Oooh strawberries in the pudding! So doing that next time 😉 Yeah so true about the Lush one – it’s good but not great!

  5. says

    This is all fine as long as most of the time you are good! My guilty pleasures are sweet treats made with refined sugar and danish pastries are my big weakness. In winter I also love a proper hot chocolate once in a while. Sometimes you just have to enjoy your life without worrying too much about these things, right?

    • Cat says

      Exactly! I don’t worry about these things because I live my life by the 80:20 principle – and 80% is as healthy as I know how to be! Ooh yes to the hot chocolate – looking forward to getting into them now the weather is getting chillier!

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