Terms and Conditions

Once the details of the project have been established, a PayPal request will be sent for a deposit. When payment is received, the design process will begin. A test site will be created and the client will have the opportunity to request a reasonable number of changes to the design. The designer reserves the right to deem the number of changes unreasonable and additional changes will be made at an hourly payment. Prior to install, the final payment owed is required. Once a design is approved, it will be installed (or sent via email in the case of logos and designs for print).

If there is an unexplained lapse in communication for more than 14 days, your design may be bumped to the end of my queue in order to respect other clients who are scheduled and have paid deposits.

Cat Neligan may use third party services to assist in the production or hosting of designs. Despite paying for some of these services, Cat Neligan cannot control and holds no responsibility for down-time or technical problems of these services. If problems arise with your host or server, it will be your responsibility to contact your host to rectify those issues. That said, we will do everything we can to avoid issues and resolve rare problems that may arise.

Throughout the process, your username and passwords may be requested for certain websites. Your information will be kept private.

Problems with the *functionality* of the design is offered within 30 days of the design installation.
Once the design is approved and installed, any changes will be made at an additional hourly rate determined at the time of request and will be completed based on designer availability.

Designs may be used in other social media venues, though they may not be reproduced, modified, distributed or displayed in any form by the client or another designer, unless otherwise approved by Cat Neligan in writing. These rights are protected under the Copyright Act of 1976.

All drafts and completed designs are the property of Cat Neligan and are protected under Copyright law.
Any attributions or credits on the blog or other design must be maintained.

Codes installed on a blog design are intended for that blog only and are not to be used on any other site.
If you choose to change your theme but maintain your graphics (including any image files and any custom coding), Cat Neligan asks for the courtesy of having the [“designed by”] attribution maintained.

Cat Neligan will work to ensure that designs are compatible across updated browsers. If you request that your design be mobile-responsive, please inform me prior to starting the design as it involves an additional level of coding. Your design is not guaranteed to be compatible with future browser versions or future versions of WordPress. It is, however, guaranteed to be compatible at the time of your launch.

WordPress hosting will be self-hosted under your own account and the cost of this varies by company and type of server. As stated above, it is your responsibility to connect with your host to rectify any technical issues with your site.

At this time, PayPal is the only method of payment accepted. You will receive an invoice for a deposit that will go towards the cost of your design. Payment is due prior to your design installation. Major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

Cat Neligan will do our very best to help resolve whatever issue you may be having. We often go above and beyond to make this happen. Due to the nature of graphic design services and the time involved, however, refunds are *not* offered unless the design process has yet to begin or designers are unable to complete work (see Limit of Liability, below). This does not include you being unhappy with your design. To avoid any unnecessary hassle, please provide Deluxe Designs with specific instructions regarding your expectations prior to the design process.

In the unlikely event that either the designer or immediate family member of the designer become injured or too ill to perform any of the services described in the promised time frame, we will make every effort to discuss with the client the best next steps. If no agreement can be made, a refund will be offered.

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