September in Review: Sharing My Journal Entries…

Ok so remember how my goal for September was to journal every day? (You don’t? Shame on you!)

Well, I did pretty well, I think I only missed a few days – despite some being utterly dull…

Anyway, I thought sharing my journal entries for this month’s review made sense!

September in review

September in review: Sharing my journal entries


It’s definitely more scary to share journal entries than write a blog post, let me tell you. Here goes…

Thursday 3rd 20:21

I’m too old to care what people think–even those close to me.

Disformed carrots

Like these carrots from my mum’s garden. They do not care what they look like.

That said, I still struggled this morning when I ‘bravely’ went to Google Campus Women at Campus meetup. I just hate trying to give my elevator pitch–particularly when I don’t know who I’m giving it to.

Anyway, it was worthwhile! I met a lady who advised me on the Mastermind idea.

I also scored a free pain au chocolate and some decent coffee. I love you Google.

Sat 5th 12:22

I should explain last night, Star Wars Secret Cinema aka the world’s most epic night out.

Met Sarah in a dive local pub in Rotherhithe – ew. Couldn’t even finish my vino.

Sarah’s ‘galactic explorer’ outfit was epic as ever – my mercenary one was less interesting.


Cat the Mercenary…

We were taken through what can only be described as a full on Star Wars set; complete with C3P0, R2D2 and very mean storm troopers.

We were left to our own devices in a dessert-like ‘planet’ of Tatooine, where we had to barter for our place on the space shuttle.

After a questionable trade involving a paper fish I whipped up (origami FTW) and a gem, I made the effort to confront some storm troopers. No luck. Kind of scary.

Anyway, the barman was amazing and gave us a free drink, we hugged Chewy and made our way to the screening, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

People are nicer when they’re in star was costumes and paid £75 for entry.

Friday 11th 17:49

Bruges really has been one of my favourite getaways. The perfect length. I was never bored. I did everything I wanted, efficiently. I had some great ideas and learned a lot about myself (to follow).

But first I must mention last night. After experiencing the Wall of Beers (excellent) I headed to a further away brewhaus, Vlissinghe.

I met an older man called Mark, from Bruges, and had the most fantastic convo. Everything from WWI to beer to his health to the psychology of family order. He was a lovely man and filled me with confidence about myself.

It makes me want to meet new people more.

Monday 21st 20:09

Today just kind of ticked along, just going all right.

Meditation – check.
Yoga – check.
Gym – check.
Eat real food – check.

Work on business – check.
Help others – check.

And before you know it, it’s bedtime.

THAT’S what bugs me: where does the time go?? I still have 9 post-its to get through this week and that isn’t HALF of what I’d really like to be doing.

I can’t help feeling that there’s a clock ticking somewhere. That I want to be in a million places at once but instead I’m… here. Typing away.

Nevermind, tomorrow is a latter day*.

I also made a point of writing down a few SUCCESSES, LESSONS and IDEAS I had every day. I thought I’d be hard pushed to come up with some each day, but it got pretty easy.

Here are some of the more entertaining ones from each category…


  • Letting go
  • Being able to jet off to Bruges tomorrow, just because
  • Getting a link shared by the SITS girls
  • Having epic friends
  • Staying calm on Oxford Street
  • Going to the post office to make 3 people happier
  • Bagging a £15 faux leather jacket in a charity shop
  • Finishing first draft of eBook


  • “Be Useful” – Scott Adams
  • “Do what you love despite the shit sandwich” – Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Force yourself to stick with it through the discomfort
  • ‘Comprised of’ is not grammatically correct
  • Pick up your phone more often. You’ll get spam, but you won’t miss out on work!
  • It’s not you, it’s them
  • Everything happens for a reason


  • I need to schedule habits to make them happen
  • Wear my hair in a quiff again (WTF?)
  • More long yoga on YouTube
  • ‘Quit Wining’ an alternative to AA
  • Shop more in charity shops
  • Check out New River Studios
  • Listen to Secret Machines

So… will I be keeping this one up? I think I will actually, journalling every day became quite addictive.

Like taking pictures of my food… (Oh come on, as if I could resist featuring some of my eats in this review!)

It’s a nice way to wind down at the end of the day, or just to jot down some thoughts on the bus.

Now that I’m reviewing the month by reading through it, it’s made me way more impressed with what I’ve done and more grateful for what I have than usual.

Plus there were a load of notes and ideas about films to watch, apps to download, things to try with business that I’m sure I would have forgotten otherwise.

I’d love to know if you had any successes, ideas or lessons in the last month! Share below 😉

*If you’ve seen Book of Mormon you’ll get that one.

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    • Cat says

      Haha I know what you mean about the veganish – I definitely have cut back on animal products for environmental reasons over the past few months but it’s such a struggle. Not even just for taste factor, I love vegan food… I just know my body needs the extra nutrition I only know I can get from some animals!

    • Cat says

      Glad you liked! I’ve been on/off jornalling since I was 12 so it kind of comes naturally, but now I realise how good it is for getting me to wind down at the end of a manic day.

  1. says

    September was an interesting month for me. Personally – meh… Professionally – not too shabby! By the end of the year something HUGE is going to happen both professionally and personally (huge = amazing)… And I am pumped to see what it is! LOL!

    • Cat says

      Oh boy! I’m excited on your behalf 😉 Will have the virtual party poppers ready! Heck, I might just buy some real ones because they’re just fun.

    • Cat says

      Ahh holiday journals are VITAL! I’ve been on a few and I can barely remember anything I did – I literally need to write stuff down or it goes.

  2. says

    I kept a journal when I was on holiday but I cringe reading that sort of thing back unless it’s years past…so I won’t be rereading it for a while haha! But it’s nice to jot things down because so much is forgotten.
    Bacon jam – Omgawwwd.

    • Cat says

      Haha I just imagine me as an old cat lady ready back through them and I figure it’s worth the cringing! Also I think you need to come and try a bacon jam burger here soon 😉

    • Cat says

      Thank you! I was surprised I actually had something to write everyday – life doesn’t always seem too thrilling! But the things I learn were really interesting to look back on.

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