I thought it would be helpful to create a page of resources to show you what I think is good in the realms of FOOD, FITNESS and FUR. The more I learn, the more it will grow – and I welcome you to give me your recommendations in these areas too! Enjoy 😉


Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I wouldn’t endorse any of them if I didn’t wholeheartedly use and trust them myself. Pinky promise.

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Food Resources

My favourite thing to blog about. And talk about… Here are some of my favourite food sources of information and inspiration.


The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferris – Ferris has influenced my life in so many ways, and I think it’s because of the precision of his advice. The Four Hour Chef is no different – he breaks down food into a scientific approach. I remember the first thing I ever tried, which was around the same time I first heard of him, was the idiot-proof method to cooking steak. I still swear by it.

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf – I had read a few books on paleo by the time I got to this (I had been listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast long before) but decided to give it a go. I think it’s his writing style, but it was by far the most ‘readable’ health book I’ve ever read. If I was trying to introduce someone to paleo, I’d shove this in their face. That and a steak (see above).


Bulletproof Radio – Ok, as much as I mock Mr Ass-spray and his hypochondriac tendencies; I do truly appreciate the advice he has put out their, and his scientific, thorough approach to finding optimal health. For interesting guests and really meaty interviews, check it out – just take it with a pinch of salt (also, if apparently a good idea to literally take a pinch of salt. Upon waking.)

Latest in Paleo – Angelo Coppola is kind of my hero. He’s probably the closest to a father figure in the paleo-sphere for me, and I always learn something new from LIP podcast. His approach is more genuinely ‘ancestral’ than ‘lose weight with paleo’ – he’s all about lifestyle, and culture – rather than debates over coconut flour.

Happy Health Chat – Two of my favourite ladies in the healthy living blogging world have a podcast! When I found out Laura and Kezia were starting this blog I couldn’t have been more excited – finally some ladies representing the UK health scene! Love their friendly nature and solid advice.


Way too many to name – feel free to check out my Bloglovin subscriptions to get an idea! Generally though, some of my favourite foodie go-to’s are:

Civilized Caveman Cooking (best for bacon)

The Big Mans World (best for baking)

The Healthy Foodie (best for low-carb and savoury)

Proteinology (best for protein treats)


Great Lakes Gelatin – Instant bone broth. Gelatin is not only a great product for health; I love using it in recipes. I love that I can make healthy gummy sweets – and it steps up the game for microwave muffins.

Green & Blacks Cocoa – I’ve tried a lot of cocoa brands – but I always come back to this stuff. Always the richest and most chocolatey, plus fair trade and good for ya!

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil – After a lot of searching and price comparison, Lucy Bee wins for me – it’s raw, extra virgin, organic. The holy trinity of coconut oil qualities. If I want to save some pennies, I’ll go for Biona – it’s raw and organic, but only virgin (not extra – for what that’s worth to you!)

Meridian Nut Butters – Again, for price and quality I can’t beat these. Nothing added, apart from a little sea salt in the almond butter.


The Protein Works – Their Naked Whey and Paleo Protein’s are great options that no other big brand protein stores offer. You can get a free £250g bag whey protein (your choice of flavour) if you use my discount code: CN39474

Bulk Powers – Best for nut butters. Apparently they have the best BCAA’s too but I’ve yet to try them. You can get £5 off your first order with my discount code: CNWD5Z

My Protein – Guilty pleasure – FlavDrops. Yes, it’s sucralose, but you can’t argue with the occasional drop of this stuff.

Health Store Europe – Get your Quest bars! Cheapest place I’ve seen them available in the UK (and free delivery if you’re in Gibraltar…)

These coffee shops (they all serve almond milk!)

Fitness Resources

I love a quick, sweaty workout and experimenting with different approaches to fitness. Here are some of the places I turn to when I need some advice.


The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris – Some of the advice Tim gives in this I swear by, and even a year on I’m still integrating certain things in my training. For example, the only ab exercise that ever worked was taken from this, as well as my modified Cat’s Protocol.

Body By Science by John Little and Doug McGuff – the most ‘paleo’ fitness book I’ve read. I think the authors do a great job explaining the science behind this way of training, and it makes a lot of sense to me. No, it isn’t the only approach to exercise worth considering, but it’s one I can get behind.


Ben Coomber – Ben (and Rachel) do a great job at repping for the UK (and Wales!) with their helpful advice and entertaining rants about diet and exercise.

Ben Greenfield – Another Ben, but with more of a biohacky approach. I love Ben’s n=1 approach, and even though I’m not so interested in the kind of Iron Man style stuff he does, I find it super interesting to hear about.


Yoga With Adriene – I love Adriene’s fun-loving, accessible style of yoga so much I even wrote an ode to the yogi. Check out her 30 days of yoga, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced (and possibly jaded) yogi.

Pumps and Iron – I’m never disappointed with Nicole’s at-home workouts – whenever I need a new tabata or just a quick sweat sesh inspiration, I know I’ll find one there. But I’ll also want to go shop at Lululemon straight after (girl has the BEST leggings ever).

Purely Twins – Another great place for do-anywhere workouts (though it’s also just as great for recipes and advice on digestive health and skincare!)


Swiss Ball – I was trying to put off being a Nathan Barley and using it instead of a chair… but then I gave in, after my personal trainer showed me some pretty cool things you can do with it. It’s also another option from chair/floor/standing work station.

Yoga Mat – Oh how I love thee! Every morning starts on the mat, and every evening ends on it. I should probably give it a clean…

Pull up Bar – I was surprised how affordable these are – and fun! When I want to work on my pull up ability, I just hang it on my door and make myself do as many as I can each time I leave the room.

York Dumbbells – When I decided to quit the gym, these became my new best friend. Even now, I’m back with the gym but if I’m working from home and have a busy day, I can get a quick workout in or use them in bursts throughout the day.

Recovery Spray – This stuff works. I know this because I took one for the team and applied it only to one leg after a pretty intense leg day. The next day when DOMS was setting in, I found myself wondering why one leg hurt more than the other… then I remembered what I did. Awesome stuff.


The Gym Group – For a ridiculously cheap gym membership, and 24/7 access (should you fancy training at 3am) I love what this company is doing.

Health and Natural Beauty Resources

A cat’s gotta groom! I turned ‘crunchy cat’ circa 2012, and haven’t looked back. You’ll find my go-to’s for all natural hair care, skin care, oral hygiene. I also love to think about how we think, as well as how to be productive and above all: happy! These are my sources for a healthy mind, body and soul.


Linchpin by Seth Godin – Here are some of the lessons I learnt from the book. I love Godin’s blog, and try to read it as often as he posts (every day!) but it was Linchpin that made me realise what an asset this man is to the world. I plan to devour everything he has ever put out and continue to do so!

The Power of No and Choose Yourself by James Altucher – Althucher’s story is a real heartbreaker – but one with a happy ending. The Power of No inspired my post It’s OK to be Quiet, which seemed to resonate with a lot of readers. Check that out if you’re interested in the kind of takeaways you can expect from his books.

The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Must. Read. Seriously, it doesn’t take long to get the gist of what he’s saying and the four agreements are unforgettable once he explains why everything comes back to one of the four. I truly think you can improve your quality of life from just taking into consideration these four agreements as much as possible.


Underground Wellness – Sean Croxton was one of the earliest health blogs I found, and I still love his outlook and style of podcasting. In the last year (mid-2014 on) the quality really ramped up, but all the archives are worth checking out.

Not Just Paleo – Evan Brand is an inspiration. A lovely, positive dude and it really is not just paleo – it’s a lifestyle podcast, and always great for a mood boost.

Revolution Health Radio – Chris Kresser is pretty much my virtual doc. When I have a health-related question, I go straight to his site first to see what he’s had to say on the matter. If he could be my doc IRL, I’d happily give him all my money.


Zen Habits – Leo Babauta is the closest I have to a spiritual guide in my life. After reading many of his posts, I had him pictured as this old man, and finally one day I googled him and saw his attractive, young, fresh-faced dude. Mind = blown. Old soul, young face!

Wellness Mama – Katie has the answer for all my crunchy lifestyle problems! From DIY toothpaste to natural deoderant… there’s a recipe (at least one!) by Katie. Her low-downs on health concerns and supplements are always great too.

Philosophers Notes – Great place for positivity, motivation and above all – ACTION. Brian Johnson has compiled 180 texts from great thinkers – old and new – and made handy, beautifully designed guides (text, audio and video formats available) – pretty much the ultimate in self-help guides.


Jojoba oil – I mix this with Sweet Almond Oil to make it go further, plus the latter smells nicer.

Coconut Oil – I’ve settled on Lucy Bee (Extra Virgin Raw) or Biona (Virgin Raw – less expensive)

Castille Soap – I use this basic version of the Dr Bronner classic for my shampoo and body wash. Does the job, natural, simple and scent-free (though I do like to add essential oils to mix it up).

Apple Cider Vinegar – A true staple. Drink it every morning. Tone my face with it. Condition my hair with it. Put it on my food. I buy it in 5 litre bottles and have a subscribe & save deal going on Amazon. If there’s ever a drought on apples…

Lush (dry shampoo and conditioners) – I wash my hair every 5-6 days (a week if I can time my social outings perfectly!) and while it looks fine… it doesn’t always smell so fine. Lush products always sort it out, and leave it smelling better than any other chemical-laden product I’ve seen on the market. Oh and the packaging! Swoonsville.

Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation – I used to be a proponent of Lily Lolo, but then they started upping their prices. Don’t even get me started on how big a rip off Bare Minerals is. I swear by Barefaced, and if you look at the ingredients, it’s all the same stuff! I love mineral foundation in general because it doesn’t feel heavy or block pores, my face doesn’t go all shiny, and I can reapply if necessary without it looking clumpy and gross. Plus, it’s naturally beneficial for the skin. Heaven sent.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil – Even if the idea of this freaks you out (and the cost of it freaks you out more) let me tell you it’s worth it. One bottle of the liquid lasted me 4 months, which just about got me through the darkest winter months. After a week I actually trained myself to like – nay, LOVE – the taste of the cinnamon tingle flavoured one. Worth trying! Here’s a thorough post on why it’s the cat’s cod’s pyjamas.


Headspace – I had spent over a year on and off attempting to meditate on a regular basis until I found Headspace. I actually only did the initial 10 free sessions, but it was enough to give me a technique I could use to spend 5-10 minutes a day taking some time out to calm my mind. I’m still playing with meditation techniques, but it now is finally a part of every day. If anything, I recommend checking out the app for it’s awesome animations!

AirBnb – You might have realised I love to travel. Airbnb lets me travel solo, or with people, and meet amazing local people and save a ton of money. Get £16 your trip if you sign up through this link.

Design and Freelance Resources

Justhost – These are the guys who host my blog, and after years of bugging their support team I can highly recommend them!

Restored Designs – LOVE their WordPress themes – if you’re looking for an alternative to the themes you see everywhere else, these guys are the ones to go for.

Tee Spring – Got an idea for a great t-shirt design but don’t have the cash to get a load printed? TeeSpring lets you start campaigns for you design to get them printed – with no cost to you.

Cat Food Freebies

Here are some of my own blog posts that might be of some use to you! They are a collaboration of all my research and design abilities, and I hope you find them useful.

50 pushups in 50 days challenge

My 50 pushups in 50 days challenge – includes a free spreadsheet and full 50-day plan to reach your pushup goal (no matter how many you can do on day 1!)

almond milk london

My search for places in London I can get an almond milk cappuccino continues – and the interactive map here shows them all so far

9 Free-from Recipe Stamps!

I created these vector icons (and pngs) to use on ‘free-from’ recipes – food bloggers, enjoy!

Making your own perfume - perfect for wannabe crunchy cats like myself (who would still like to smell nice)

Making your own perfume – perfect for wannabe crunchy cats like myself (who would still like to smell nice)

motivation graphic

I put together a fool-proof guide to making your very own motivational graphic – it comes with a free pack of fonts and royalty-free background images.

morning routines

Morning routines are something I’m a little obsessed with – so much that I got some of the people I look up to most and interviewed them about what their morning protocols look like. Read about them here.

coffee best time

How to use your body clock to determine when is the best time to drink coffee for you.


Why sitting could be damaging to our health – and how to fit some exercise in when you have an office job


This is a printable and editable pdf journal with a 5-step guide to filling it in. You only need a few minutes a day to make an entry!

Ever heard of tiger nuts? Apparently they're really quite good for you - I do some research and put together a 101 on tiger nuts.

Ever heard of tiger nuts? Apparently they’re really quite good for you – I do some research and put together a 101 on tiger nuts.

yeast overgrowth

Yeast overgrowth is a big cause of digestion distress and weight gain that is often overlooked – here’s what I found out about it.

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