Pushing Paws

Well firstly – happy new year! 

Hope your 2017 has started with a bang (and not just a banging headache – har har…)

Now I’ve never seen the need to write big long, apologetic posts about taking a blogging break or stopping altogether: I’m more of a slip-out-the-backdoor type.

But some little voice in my head – ego? – said it’s probably worth letting you know what I’m up to and that I’m still alive.

I won’t be updating this blog anymore – as I’ve basically run out of fingers to put in various pies.

My main pie, you might already know, is The Creative Introvert.

No recipes or crunchy natural beauty solutions I’m afraid, but lots of the more woo-woo mindset stuff you might have read here. 

Anyway, I just want to thank you for reading CFIGFY and hope there’s enough of a back catalogue to keep you going should you need a fix. 

Cat-ch you later!

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