Pre-Workout Green Apple Gelatin Gummies

Other than my beloved coffee, I’m not the biggest fan of drinkables. I much prefer to chew, basically.

gelatin gummies

It’s like an edible 80s videogame disaster…

Smoothies, soups, shakes… I’ll take mine spoonable, preferably. The lumpier the better 😉

But getting my pre-workout BCAAs in wasn’t too bad – the green apple flavour that I’m currently toying with is delicious. Mixed in with my daily lemon and ACV, and I have myself a proper morning ‘cocktail’ (à la Laura).

Then I had a little brainwave. What if I could turn this into an edible? Worth a go right?



Seriously, just buy some. It lasts for months, less than £20 on Amazon.

So, combining my pre-workout boosting drink with a little of my magical jellifying (now a word) powder, I had an EDIBLE pre-workout snack!

In these little protein-packed gummies, you not only get a delicious sweet taste and delightful chew, but all these health bonuses:

RAZE pre-workout gives you…

  • Delayed onset muscle soreness, from the Beta Alanine
  • Energy and immune health from the Vitamin B6
  • Enhanced focus from L-Tyrosine and Caffeine
  • Premium grade iBCAA’s for protein synthesis, better recovery and building lean muscle mass
  • Boosted alertness and reaction times from Glucoronaltone

Gelatin gives you…

  • Improved digestion (as it binds with water to help move that sh*t along)
  • Smoother skin (from the collagen – way better absorbed by food than on the skin fyi)
  • Great for joints and joint recovery (which you’ll be needing during the workout)…

raze pre-workout


Pretty cool huh? So, let’s get to this recipe!

If you can call it a recipe. I literally made this while making tea.

Pre-Workout Green Apple Gelatin Gummies


  • 1/4 cup of RAZE Pre-workout* (or any pre-workout/BCAA formula you like)
  • 1/4 cup of grass-fed gelatin (any would work, but the source of Great Lakes’ stuff is top notch)
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • 1 cup of hot water


  1. Boil your water
  2. Add powders to your container/jelly mould – I just used a boring square tupperware
  3. Add your cold water to the container, and stir briefly
  4. Add the hot water and make sure everything is mixed and the gelatin is dissolved
  5. Place in fridge… wait… drink some tea…
  6. Eat some gummies and get your workout on!

* PS if you do fancy buying this at The Protein Works, using my code at the checkout: CN39474 will get you 250g of FREE whey protein (I recommend the butterscotch flavour!)

pre-workout snack

The perfect pre-workout snack!

If you do get your paws on some gelatin, and fancy making some more jellified treats, check out these:

coconut cocoa gelatin cubes

Coconut gelatin cubes with chocolate sauce

Matcha jelly sweets

Matcha jelly sweets

Chocolate gelatin gummies

Chocolate gelatin gummies

Tea flavoured gelatin

Tea flavoured gelatin dessert

Yep. I really like gelatin.

Will be joining the recipe parties over at A Mummy Too  //  Jill Conyers // Sprint 2 the Table // CandyFit

Do you prefer to chew or sip?
Do you take a pre-workout drink?
Favourite gummy flavour?


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    • Cat says

      Haha I’m glad you appreciated that one! It is pretty amazing – and not a benefit I had expected! Oh gelatin, how I love thee…

    • Cat says

      I thought everyone loved gummy sweets but yourself and some other people have told me the same – more for me then 😉

    • Heather says

      You can play around with the amount of gelatin and use more or less. Maybe you can find a texture that doesn’t bother you as much. It can soft, like Jello or more firm like hard fruit snacks or anywhere in between.

  1. says

    Oh wow that’s so awesome that you made your own gummies…and ones that are actually good for you!! I always thought I was more of a chewer but lately, I’ve been all about homemade soups with dinner & smoothies for breakfast! Although I make both super thick so a spoon is required. As for my favourite gummy flavour, the red kind gets my vote!

    • Cat says

      Carrot and ginger sounds amazing! Would you use carrot juice or like blend the carrot yourself? Ahh I have so much gummy experimenting to do..!

  2. says

    How am I just now seeing this post? I totally share your love of gelatin (I blogged about it on the 30th of January :). I put the water soluble kind into my post workout shake and I love making the jellies to snack on. I haven’t tried any “pre-workout” mixes though. I need to check the one out that you use.

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