Paleo Dating

I can’t imagine cavemen had too much trouble with this – there were no romantic italian restaurants or fancy bars to meet after a hard days work hunting/foraging/scratching. But in 2013 it isn’t always easy to think up a paleo-friendly date. I’ve recently found myself in this paleo dating dilemma (if you can call it […]

Mochi Love

This scertainly isn’t the first #strangebutgood eat I’ve had – in fact, I most of my meals are strange to many, and taste very good. It is however my first post for Laura at Sprint to the Table’s Strange But Good Link ups! Earlier this year I took a 3-week trip to Japan. I actually […]

What I Ate Wednesday #1

I’ve been stalking various blogs for some time, and for a while a highlight of my week is when I get to check out everyone’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) posts. Jen over at Peas and Crayons is who I have to thank for this (minor) addiction, and finally I feel it’s time for me […]

Paleo Burgers: Who Needs a Bun?

It’s National Burger Day here in the UK so I have decided to honour it with my favourite form of burger. The bunless one. Yes, this may be a cop-out to some burger purists, but for me, the pinnacle of the burger is the patty. Let’s face it, toppings and condiments aside, the puffy, floury, […]

Cat Poop: How to Cure Constiptation

Be warned, this post may have a high TMI content for more sensitive readers. I want to share my story of how I tried to cure constipation, and what I’ve learned from it. Let’s go back around 3 weeks, when I returned from a lovely holiday in Sri Lanka. The food was pretty incredible, and […]

Do I Need Meat? Part 1: The Evolution Argument


Let’s start with a loaded question. This is something I seem to get myself into many a heated debate over, and I often find myself wishing I had more hard facts to support my views. What I want to do here is show both sides of the argument, before giving you my opinion. The Evolution […]