Interview: Stephen from the Protein Bakery

Protein Bakery

The sixth interview in my Foodie Startup series features the bakery that specialises brownies, blondies, cookies that are packed with protein… The Protein Bakery! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   Before I discovered blogs like Protein Pow and Proteinology, I had no idea that protein powder could be turned from a lumpy drink my […]

7 Current Obsessions

current obsessions

It feels like a smokin’ hot minute since I last shared some current obsessions on this blog (unless those flourless brownies count…) Yes some of these were sent by very generous companies (marked with *) but others I’ve bought out of pocket. Either way, I can safely say this lot gets a firm Cat Food seal […]

Interview: Ethan from Whey Ahead

Whey Ahead

The fifth interview in my Foodie Startup series features the UK’s first range of organic protein supplements… WHEY AHEAD®! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   A few weeks ago, I noticed my brother had a 5kg bag of mint chocolate flavoured whey protein in his kitchen, and of course we got into a discussion […]

Interview: Suzie from Primal Pantry

Whey Ahead

The fourth interview in my Foodie Startup series features the UK’s first paleo-friendly snack bars… Primal Pantry! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   I remember a time when the best option you could get for a healthy on-the-go snack bar was an Eat Natural bar. It always concerned me that (as delicious as […]

Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownies

lourless Dark Chocolate Brownies

If you caught the juicy comments in my post about sugar substitutes you might be thinking “hmm… I thought you were advocating cutting back on the sweet treats, eh Cat?” Well… yes and no. I DO think there is a ridiculous misconception that you can ‘healthify’ a classic sweet treat like brownies or muffins or cookies… […]

Interview: Ashley from Buff Bake

Buff bake

 The third interview in my Foodie Startup series features the high protein nut butter you need to keep under lock and key… Buff Bake! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   It used to be the case that you bought those you love chocolates, flowers, diamonds if you’re fancy like that. For me? The […]

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins #IQS

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins

Breakfast just doesn’t come often enough. Once a day? Such a shame. Brunch makes twice, which is more like it. Personally the ideal day involves brinner too. My usual breakfasts rotate between chocolatey eggy zoats (high carb days) or my japanese-style breakfast (low carb days.) But when I received Sarah Wilson’s new Healthy Breakfast Cookbook, I […]

Interview: Charlie from Oppo Ice Cream

Food Startup Interviews-05

 The second interview in my Foodie Startup series features the ice cream that contains less sugar than an apple… Oppo! (Full deets about this series can be found here.) I remember the first time I came across Oppo ice cream. I think it was on someones Instagram feed: #guiltfree #saltedcaramel #sugarfree Oh my. I needed […]

Are Sugar Substitutes Good For You?

Are Sugar Subs Good For You?-01

I’m not going to be delving into the food politics around the sugar issue (I still think Laura mastered that) but it’s safe to say I definitely try to keep my sugar intake on the low side. My lifelong sweet tooth has definitely been quelled in recent years because of how I’ve intentionally removed most […]

Interview: Ros from the Borough Broth Co

Food Startup Interviews

A little announcement *clears throat*… Today marks the start of a mini interview series I’m doing to showcase a range of foodie startups (mostly UK based) that I’ve cherry picked based on (1) how unique their offering is and (2) how much I want to eat (or drink) all their stock. NB: None of these […]