7 Current Obsessions #3

current obsessions

I think it’s the paranoid ‘what if I lose all my memory’ in me, that makes me so determined on recording these ‘Current Obsession’ posts. It’s kind of like have a time capsule in blog-form. This month I’ve been feeling a little more experimental (may be it’s the sea breeze… or just Brighton in general!) […]

How to Streamline Your Life

How to streamline your life when things are getting complicated

Today I have a guest post from Adam, writer for Pryers (a medical negligence solicitors based in York.) Adam likes writing about everything from fitness to lifestyle to law, and is a perfect voice for CFIGFY! I love this topic that Adam has written about, and it came at exactly the right time for me. I’m all about creating […]

7 Gourmet Nut Butter Recipes

Gourmet Nut Butters-02

Honestly, I think nut butter may be my favourite food group. We’ve had our ups and downs (for a while we had to break up entirely because I became too reliant on our relationship. NB saw other people. I saw other fat sources…) But today, we’re in a very happy place. I know what I […]

How I’ve Changed My Life


I’m baaaaack! Ok, I’ve been negligent – even since my move to weekly posting, the summer has been pretty dead over at Casa del Cat Food. I’ve basically changed my life in the past few months, and while I still LOVE writing/blogging… CFIGFY had to take a back-seat. Let me explain… For the first time […]

Interview: Karen from the Happy Bread Company

Food Startup Interview

The eighth interview in my Foodie Startup series features a company that is transforming the tummies of Britain in a delicious, traditional way… the Happy Bread Company! (Full deets about this series can be found here.) When I went down the paleo rabbit hole, one of the easiest things to ditch for me was gluten. Bread? Bah! Pasta? […]

Interview: Margie from Nana Ice Cream


The final interview in my Foodie Startup series features a company that has perfected the alchemy of turning fruit into ice cream… Nana Ice Cream! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   Since I cut out the majority of dairy from my diet in order to improve my skin, I’ve been retesting myself with various […]

7 Current Obsessions #2

current obsessions

I was watching a Youtuber last night talk about her ‘current obsessions’ and it reminded me of (1) how much I love watching other people talk about products and (2) how much I hate realising that 50% of the products are from the US and even if I got them online here, the shipping would be […]

My Experience With Reverse Dieting

My Experience With Reverse Dieting-02

Be prepared for one of my geekiest posts yet. Ready? OK. So… what the heck is reverse dieting and why would you want to do it? “Over repeated bouts of calorie restriction, your metabolism takes a beating. When you drop calories too low for too long, your body intervenes on several fronts. Most notably, it […]

Interview: Sarah and Isolde from Cool Beans

Cool Beans

The seventh interview in my Foodie Startup series features a company that is totally changing the bean scene (seriously though)… Cool Beans! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   When I decided to start cutting back on the slightly worrying quantities of meat I was consuming on a daily basis (primarily for the environment, […]

Single-Serve Vegan Protein Cookies

Single-serve cookies

Trying to bake with vegan protein powder has always been a bit hit or miss for me. (Oh, and if you’re wondering why this omnivore cares whether her protein is vegan or not, this will explain it.) I’m usually left with something that tastes great… but is liquid in the middle. Or it looks pretty […]