My Quest For… A Homemade Quest Bar

Don’t get me wrong; I love living in the UK. Free healthcare (for now…), grass fed cows, not having to drive everywhere (oh, I’m a Londoner if you hadn’t guessed).

But… it has it’s down sides. Namely, when oggling the particular food stuffs I see my American blogging friends show off.

From Justin’s nut butter to turkey bacon to particular flavours of Starbucks beverage.

smores frappuccino


I get jeal.

The most infuriating though, was the Quest nutrition bar.

The daddy of ‘clean’ protein bars. Yes, you can now get them online over here, but the cost is still infuriating (no matter which side of the pond you’re on actually) and I’m still waiting for the day my local Holland & Barrett stocks individual bars*.

*Though this day may be coming sooner than I thought…

Holland & Barrett Quest Bars

Oh the power of Twitter!

Until that day, I’m rebelling.

After a good googling for ‘homemade Quest bars’, I came up with a fine selection of recipes by people who know far more about protein baking than myself:

Protein Pow goes into great detail about IMO (aka VitaFiber™) that makes Quest bars so uniquely awesome.

Nic has the stats and worked out the price difference – 88p per bar vs £2.49 for the real deal.

Busy But Healthy has some epic flavour combos (and is the recipe I initially followed).

Homemade Quest Bars cookie dough

Personally I actually prefer the look of Kristine’s homemade variety! Melty goodness…

After getting over my excitement of a successful batch of strawberry and chocolate bars (not my dream flavour combo but it worked) I decided to go a step further, and create a range of flavours specifically for us deprived Brits.

Homemade Quest bars, in a range of classic British dessert flavours.

Made with ingredients you can buy in the UK.


DIY Quest Bars - New British Dessert Flavours!

If only…

British Dessert Flavoured Homemade Quest-Style Bars!

Here are the ingredients for the different flavoured bars (the directions are all the same):

Angel Delight

Apple Crumble and Custard

Banoffee Pie

Jam Roly Poly

Treacle Tart

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Trifle (Summer Fruits + Vanilla)


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Raspberry Ripple

After Eight

Rhubarb and Custard Sweets


  1. Heat VitaFibre on in a saucepan until it bubbles (or microwave it for a minute).
  2. Remove from heat and stir in the whey protein and other flours and add-ins.
  3. Pour dough into a plastic sandwich bag and mould with your hands.
  4. Transfer onto baking paper and loosely wrap (or leave in the baggie) for an hour in the fridge to firm.

If you happen to buy any of the protein powders mentioned, you can get:

Today I’m sharing with these guys over at The Fit Dish // Inspire Me Mondays // Strange But Good // Gluten Free Fridays // Foodie Friday

Do you ever get food envy when you red blogs from other countries or cities?
Are you a fan of Quest bars? Ever tried making your own?
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  1. says

    Jam roly poly, Angel delight and Treacle Tart protein bars! The inner child in me is singing. Can they please make a plant based fun protein flavour!

    • Cat says

      I was just thinking about that! I’ve been using whey but it really does mess with my skin after a while – I’d like to try with my plant protein blend and see what happens. Will report back if it’s successful!

  2. says

    Awesome flavor combinations Kat! I’m not a big fan of quest bars but I’m trying to make my own KIND and Larabar.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing with the #fitfam! xoxo

    • Cat says

      Ooh that would be great especially because we don’t have KIND bars over here (another UK problem!) and I loved them when I visited the states last autumn. Can’t wait for that when you crack it!

  3. says

    I have never tried one, although not sure they are quite my kind of thing. Love the sound of the flavous though. I love the peanut butter choc chip larabar- nakd bars are brilliant but nothing lives up to the pb and choc combo.

  4. says

    GIRL MAKE ME A VEGAN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quest bars look so friggin’ amazing to me but I cannot EAT THEM!!!!!! Yet everyone is totally OBSESSED! I have even told the owners a million times over that they need to come out with a vegan line! SOME DAY – they are apparently “working on it”…. Maybe they just told me that so I would shut up? LOL

    • Cat says

      I’m tryin I’m tryin! I think whey is just magically sticky and works with the texture… but I’m determined the vegan ones can be done! I actually much prefer plant protein on my gut and for my skin, so I’m keen to try and make it work.

    • Cat says

      I know right! I still love the convenience of the bars but if I batch make these it’s just as good 😉

  5. says

    I love Quest bars microwaved for a few seconds so that they go all melty… mmmm
    I used to be able to get the individual bars from a shop in the Arndale called Win Naturally but they seem to have closed down so maybe it’s time I tried making my own,
    Thanks for the recipes and tips :)

  6. says

    Love the sound of these flavours!
    Health/protein bars are so expensive here in the UK. Some of my favourites are more than £2 per bar. Ridiculous! I think making bars at home is definitely the way forward.

    • Cat says

      It’s crazy right! I guess we’re paying partly for convenience, but when it’s so easy… I really don’t have an excuse now!

  7. says

    This post is great! I recently relocated to the UK from America and I was obsessed with Quest and Lara bars and they are NOWHERE to be found over here. When I first got here my husband started to order them from Amazon, but they are so expensive that way £30 for 12 (more if you want S’mores or Chocolate Mint)! There’s so many things I can live without but I miss my Quest bars!! I will have to try the chocolate orange flavour — yum!

    • Cat says

      Ah glad to be useful! I know the price kills me – I have found a couple of sites slightly cheaper than Amazon (which is weird!) so will try to find and link to them soon!

  8. says

    Hey, all!

    Merely a suggestion, but we recently launched We offer all flavours of Quest Bars here in the UK at just £2 per bar with free shipping too.

    All bars are also sent out in letterbox friendly packaging :)

    If any of you wished to give it a go you may also use the code “TryMe” to take 10% off your first order. You can buy from just 1 bar all the way up to a full box.

    I will be trying some of these ‘British’ recipes though!
    Thanks, Cat! 😀 x

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