Morning Routine (version 23.4)

Oh how fickle I am. I love routine yet crave change.

Well, so long as I’m in charge of both of them 😉

Since discovering how much happier having a solid – if, somewhat elaborate – routine makes me: I’ve tried many, many variations.

It’s been a hot minute since I last shared a day-in-the-life type post, but I’m particularly fond of this morning routine so figured I should commit it to INTERNET PERMANENCE.



Morning Routine (version 23.4)



Wake up. I have a window where my Sleep Cycle app ‘detects’ the best time to wake me up. Generally I find it pretty accurate. Whether it’s legit or not, the analyser in me gets a kick out of the sleep stats.


Make an ACV and lemon juice cocktail, get the fairy lights on and crawl back into bed.


This is my Morning Pages time.

I’ve been going through Julia Crazy Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ and the one thing I’m loving most is the excuse to journal first thing in the morning. Julia recommends 3 pages, or 30 minutes. I found it easy for the first few weeks, but now I’m more like 1-2 pages because I literally run out of thoughts.

It’s just meant to be a stream of consciousness to get your thoughts out and start the day fresh and in a ‘creative’ mindset. I think it’s legit: and even if you’re skeptical (I was) it’s worth a blow for a week or so.


After 30 minutes I’m ready to get on the mat for some yoga. I’m still vaguely following some kind of Ashtanga-style variant, but I’ve taken a break from Youtube. I know the sequence now (it took long enough!) so I just wing it, throw down some sun salutations and whatever else ‘feels good’ (a nod to my former Youtube teacher, Miss Adriene.)


I end in the perfect place for some meditation.

One of the easiest ways to form a new habit is by attaching it to an existing habit, and the way I’m used to ending a yoga practise is in savasana. This ‘corpse pose’ is the position I stay in to meditate.

Some argue you’re not ‘supposed to’ meditate lying down, but I believe the main reason is because it makes you sleepy. I’m pretty awake by this point, so lying down works for me.

(That said, if I meditate later in the day I always sit – especially after lunch!)


Now for my favourite bit of my morning routine: coffee time!

I get the kettle on and start grinding my beans from Red Roaster, and thanks to the best Christmas present ever (my Aeropress) I have my cup o’ joe in 2 minutes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’ve been spending my coffee drinking time doing various things over the last few months (one was drawing mandalas, which was super addictive) but now I’m using it to write a book.


This is looking like a bit of a beast, so who knows when it will be ready: but using my morning coffee time is a good incentive to stick at it, bit by bit.


When my coffee runs out (boo!) I drag my ass outside. I was enjoying morning walks along the seafront, but I’ve had to take them inside because: dark and cold makes for a less enjoyable stroll. The gym is actually on the seafront and a 2 minute walk, so I have no excuses not to get there!



When I’m back, breakfast happens – my second favourite part of my morning! I’ve been on a oatmeal kick for like a year now (that said, an egg still makes it in there – I can’t forsake my oeufs!)

Oh and shredded courgette, because: veg.


Oh and a cup of the Twinings crazy flavoured green tea – jesus, the gingerbread flavour is out of this world. Do buy.


I’ll leave it there. If you’ve made it this far: I salute you dear reader!

On a scale of 1–Crazy, how crazy do you think my morning is?
Be kind. 
And share any of your own morning quirks with me – this stuff fascinates me!



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