More Coffee Shops That Serve Almond Milk in London

So since my last exploration into the world of alternative milk suppliers, I’ve been given recommendations from far and wide. Time to reveal these gems!

A little backstory – since cutting the cows milk from my diet (it seems to turn me into a pizza face) I’ve been trying to find coffee shops that serve alternative milks to give me my cappuccino or latte fix.

almond milk coffee

Even More Coffee Shops That Serve Almond Milk! (Part 1 here)


Of course, many offer soy milk, but my suspicions surrounding phytoestrogens and phytic acid mean I’d rather avoid the stuff if possible.

What I’m really after is almond milk. If done with a bit of care, a good barista can make a foamy cappuccino just as well with almond milk as regular ol’ moo milk.

Sorted by area of London, here is the ever expanding, comprehensive guide to coffee shops that serve almond milk in London – proof that we lactose intolerant can have our milk, and drink it too!

>> Link to the interactive map


Kaffeine (Great Titchfield St)

I was genuinely surprised when a kindly reader suggested this coffee haven, as I’ve been aware of it for some time as one of the places for a good Kiwi-style caffeine hit. But now I know that they make their own almond milk (like the lovely New Row) – I’ll make a visit more often.

Damson & Co (Berwick St)

There isn’t exactly a shortage of great little coffee joints in Soho, but I implore you to prioritise this one. I dropped in before meeting a client one morning, and was a little confused by the dim lighting and Beyoncé soundtrack. It knid of felt naughty – like walking into a bar at 9am (which is pretty much what it was) – and I loved it.

Even more of a pleasant surprise than the ambience, was the coffee! Oh so good. The almond milk flavour sometimes overpowers the actual flavour of the coffee, but it didn’t with Damson. I need to find out what beans they use. Plus the staff were ridiculously lovely – I can only assume they’re drinking a lot of their coffee 😉

damson coffee

Dam… son

Caravan (Kings Cross and Exmouth Market)

My favourite coffee in town happens to be from the Caravan Roasters. I’ve been disappointed with snotty service at brunch, but now that I knew they do almond milk? They are forgiven!

Wild Food Cafe (Covent Garden)

I’ve always seen this as an institution in Covent Garden, as it’s been there as long as I can remember. For raw foodies, you can even do a course there, which (as much as I love my cooked edibles) I wouldn’t mind giving a go myself. The blog is great for recipes too – kind of wish they served this pine nut milk they give the recipe for!

The Attendant (Marylebone)

The coffee shop that used to be a public toilet! Don’t let that put you off though – the coffee is delightful and not remotely like toilet water.

Bloomsbury Coffee House (Russell Square)

Student discount, fresh cinnamon buns, Allpress coffee beans… and almond milk.

Borough Baristas (Bond St)

I visited Borough Baristas during a weekday lunch hour, expecting to find a long queue and stressed-out baristas. What I got?

A calm, cute, friendly neighbourhood-feel coffee shop, tucked away from the bustle of the Marble Arch end of Oxford St. A little haven- and with the seats outside I’ll bet it would make for a lovely lazy afternoon spot during the summer.

Oh and the coffee? They have their own espresso blend (available to buy – and I will – it’s gorgeous) and I believe they use sweetened almond milk because when I tried it I literally said ‘yum’ out loud. To myself.

Espresso Base Specialty Coffee (Holborn)

specialty coffee

Proper Italian coffee and service

The only option on this list with a setting quite so charming – right by a Hawksmoor church – and the only coffee cart so far. Great beans from one of my favourite suppliers – HasBean – and some of the friendliest service you can hope to find!

Daisy Green (Baker St)

I only noticed this place when I was hunting down Borough Baristas (above) – it’s along the same street, and looks even more adorable – it has beach chairs outside! After getting my ‘research’ done at Borough Baristas, I promised myself to return – almond milk suppliers or not.

When I asked the barista at Daisy Green if they did almond milk, I didn’t expect the answer to be yes – clearly Seymour Street is cutting edge in milk alternatives. I actually got a hot chocolate when I went on a bitterly cold day, but I wish I’d gone for coffee – they serve their own signature coffee blend (with Monmouth beans!) and do a mean flat white – or so I hear.

I’ll also be returning for their banana bread.

Free State Coffee (Holborn)

This little gem does get a tad busy, thanks to it’s prime location in Holborn, but it really does take it’s coffee seriously. I was impressed with the foam ratio on my cappuccino – no excuses from their skilled baristas!


Fix 126 (Shoreditch)

I had been here a couple of times before – it’s a nice big space, great for sitting down with your lap top for a bit – and the staff are quite lovely. But I didn’t know they too were on the dairy-free bandwagon! They make one of the best foamy cappuccinos with almond milk, and the fact that you can dispense your own cocoa powder… win.

Slate Coffee (Shoreditch)

Not only can you get almond milk in your java here, but they also do a mean hot chocolate with ginger. Anything ginger is good with me 😉

slate coffee

Coffee made with love

Black Cat Cafe (Hackney)

One for the vegans! I think if I was ever to wake up one morning and catch veganism, I would quickly become part-woman, part-soy bean. Thankfully, places like this branch out and offer vegan alternatives to soy-based products.

The Gallery Cafe (Bethnal Green)

Another vegan cafe, and one with locally sourced ingredients – as well as a vegan version of the British classic ‘Tofish and chips’.

black cat cafe

Vegan-friendly too!

G & T Cafe (Hackney)

Very organic, very ethical – plus I spied organic fermented cashew yoghurt on their facebook page… I haven’t visited yet, but when I do I really hope they have a batch!

G and T cafe

These guys are serious about their beans

Cream (Shoreditch)

I stumbled upon this place (after seeing a blackboard in the street for ‘COFFEE’ at 9am… of course I had to follow it.) Since I was in Shoreditch, it felt perfectly normal to fire out the ‘Dyuservealmondmilk’ and not expect an odd look.

They did! Plus points for chocolate on top.

The Attendant (Shoreditch)

I remember going on their opening day to claim my free coffee (almond milk included!) and he always felt indebted since. Gorgeous Caravan coffee too.

Coffee is My Cup of Tea (London Fields)

Tucked under one of London Fields’ railway arches, it’s easy to overlook this place if you’re making a b(read)-line to the wonderful E5 Bakery. But I decided to give it a go – there were seats at least. A very very impressive cake selection (pretty much all gluten free) kept me captivated while I queued. As did the free sample… So, so good.

And the hallowed almond milk check? They passed! And knocked out a beautiful cup of foamy, almondy java. Lovely staff too. Will be back!

Ozone Coffee (Old St)

I didn’t think these serious coffee aficionados were the ‘almond milk’ type – but they bloody are! I passed by and spotted a hallowed chalk board announcing their alternative milks and the next minute I’m sat with an almond capp in paw. Funny that.


Naturalis (Islington)

Nestled in Islington’s Chapel Market, this unassuming little cafe is a little gem I’m almost reluctant to share…

I was also happy I could work away on their free wifi – and oggle at the rather attractive barista… Oh the only problem was how delicious everything smelled. Seriously, when you’re trying to save a buck and eat out less… But if I was to splurge, I would definitely order one of their epic burgers. Oh and a gluten-free, vegan brownie for dessert 😉

EZ & Moss (Holloway Road)

A vegetarian (and vegan!) friendly cafe that have gone far enough to make their own almond milk – much respect for these guys!

No Alpro here! @EZandMoss

No Alpro here! @EZandMoss

InSpiral Lounge (Camden)

Weirdly, the first time I came across this place was on a night out in Camden, rather intoxicated me and a friend stumbled in… Surprisingly, we were welcomed. I just remember good reggae music and friendly faces.

Years later, I returned on a sober Sunday, and was still greeted by friendly staff, who coped well despite the clear demands from the busy crowds. I defy you to visit and not pick up some of their famous kale chips (which you might have seen in your local health food shop anyway) and a slice of their raw desserts. I had a christmas pudding-flavoured ‘cheesecake’ when I visited and… just wow.

Plus, as far as I remember they have coconut and possibly oat milks available too.


Pure Taste (Westbourne Grove)

Not a cafe per se, but I can confirm you can order a coconut milk and almond milk in your digestif coffees – and they do a mean plate of petits fours to accompany it. Great review of this paleo-friendly restaurant here.

pure taste

Pure Tast-y coffee! Bonus points for remembering cocoa sprinkles.

Good Life Eatery (Sloane Square)

I hear they also do some mean homemade peanut butter chocolate cups. Ahhh…


Blue Mountain Cafe (Croydon, East Dulwich, Penge, Sydenham)

Ok – multiple outlets but I just really wanted the South to be represented – it’s my stomping ground after all :) For that very reason I could not have been happier when BMC came to Croydon! Of all places, my hometown. With Matthew’s Yard my firm favourite in local indie coffee spots (yes, in Croydon…) I have to be fair and split my afternoons between the two now.

Wonderful coffee, lovely staff and plenty of chocolate sprinkles. Love.

Multiple outlets

Retreat Cafe (Soho and Parson’s Green)

‘London’s best-kept secret’ – hah! Not for long. Founded by a Naturopath, Kim Parsons, Retreat not only offers almond milk, but also a full detox programmes to get you looking and feeling like a superhero.

Timberyard (Clerkenwell & Covent Garden)

I bloody loved Timberyard when I visited (it was even the first blog I featured on Lattes and Laptops) but had no idea they served almond milk too. So, if you have your laptop with you, settle down into a (very comfy) chair, and spend some time over your almond milk coffee. They also do a mean matcha latte!

Roots and Bulbs (Marylebone, South Kensington)

If you don’t necessarily want a coffee with your almond milk (!?) these guys serve a lot of stellar smoothies – and a mean breakfast (especially for us gluten-free aficionados)

Bean About Town (Everywhere)

One for when you’re on the go! This is a coffee caravan, with multiple locations and a mean almond milk latte. They’re a member of the SCAE  – basically, they are serious about their coffee.

Crussh Juice Bars (Everywhere)

If I’m totally honest, I wouldn’t recommend you go for the almond milk coffees here. They aren’t bad per se, but not mind blowing – and don’t expect a foam on your capp. What I can strongly recommend is the miracle that is their ‘Smart Coffee’.

Smart coffee

Smart coffee gives you superpowers. Seriously.

If you’ve been paying attention on the blog, you might have noticed my love for adding various oils and fats to my coffee. Bulletproof coffee has been trademarked by Mr Asprey, but it doesn’t stop people from devising their own. I’m happy with a budget MCT oil I buy online, but Crussh have actually invested in the legit Brain Octane Oil from the Bulletproof empire, and I can attest – it’s worth the hype.

I’ve also hear that Black Sheep Coffee (Soho, two locations) also are behind the buttery blend, so stay tuned for a post on coffee spots that serve fatty coffee coming to the blog…

Whole Foods (Everywhere)

I love to hate Whole Paycheck Foods, but I have only love for their almond milk respect.

BONUS! I’ve created a handy dandy Google map with all of my finds so far – and I’ll keep adding to it so keep the suggestions coming.

Remember, there are 8 more places you can get your almond milk caffeine hit here.

If you have any more for my list, please comment below!

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  1. says

    It must be so amazing to find almond milk in such a diverse range of coffee shops! I haven’t found a single one up here. London and the South in general just caters to vegans in particular so much better than the region where I live…which is pretty backward and not exactly forward thinking when it comes to any diet beyond the stereotypical junk food crap.

    The vegan places in particular sound just brilliant…and those cookies look utterly incredible.

    • Cat says

      Ah so true – originally this was going to be a UK-wide search, but I literally found nothing! I’m sure in some of the bigger cities up north there are some (I know there are plenty of vegan and even a paleo place in Manchester – but I guess it’s just a waiting game!)

      Confesion: I’ve brought a carton of almond milk into a coffee shop before and asked them to use it. I didn’t see them spit in it…

    • Cat says

      I haven’t seen Silk in the UK – we just have Alpro and sometimes Blue Diamond (which makes a crappy capp) – will have a search for Silk though!

  2. says

    LOVE this post especially since I am trying to minimise dairy in my diet for the same reasons as you- my skin is just not a fan! I’m going to be in London in June so we should definitely grab a coffee..obvi with almond milk ;)!

    • Cat says

      Awesome I’d definitely be up for that! Ah the dairy curse… I’m truly hoping I can reintroduce as much of it as possible – I know I miss it regardless of what my skin thinks!

  3. says

    This is such a great post for you Londoners – making me miss it! I love that this sort of thing is happening. When I get back in a few years I hope this amount will have gone up loads!

    • Cat says

      That’s true I bet it will! I honestly think even the big chain coffee places are missing a trick by not offering it yet – they’ll learn! (Like Dunkin Donuts did in the states)

  4. emily says


    Awesome article, thank you! I’m always on the search for non dairy, non soy coffee. I actually get a pizza face from soy milk, so almond coconut and rice for me please!

    After venturing to the WOW festival at Southbank at the weekend I came across the awesome ‘bean about town’ and I couldn’t see it on here, so thought I’d add it to your list. They are in a coffee caravan that travels around… they do lush almond milk lattes!

    Here’s a link to their travelling locations..

    Happy Monday, Peace out!

    E x

  5. sam says

    What about South London Cat?!

    There’s a place at the Tower Bridge Road end of Bermondsey St, sorry can’t remember name but it has almond milk.

    Crussh is a great tip though!

    • Cat says

      It’s crazy I know – I live in South London and somehow have been to less there! There is Matthews Yard in Croydon (ok, very south) which I mentioned in this post and I recently added The Blue Mountain Cafes – they have a few over South London (but I put them in the multiple locations list). will have to have a gander around Bermondsey St soon – I love that area anyway!

  6. Alexa says

    Recently discovered that Caravan on Exmouth Market now do almond milk. Right under the radar!

    Also very nearby, but currently being refurbed (and they’ve not got back to me with a confirmation that they’ll still do the almond/coffee joy when they reopen.) is the Clerkenwell Collective. I’ve had the best AM flat white I’ve *ever* had in there, so I’ve been impatiently awaiting any news of them reopening.

    • Cat says

      I LOVE caravan coffee! They’re literally my favourite roaster – I didn’t know they did AM! Ok – totally visiting there for brunch soon 😉

      I hadn’t heard of the CC either, even though I used to work around there – poor show! I’ll follow them now for updates. Thank you for the info!

      • Alexa says

        Yup, Caravan was proper under the radar. I only noticed by chance when I was having dinner in there 2 weeks ago.
        Also maybe fun news: I had a chat in Pret a couple of months ago started by the barista who looked pointedly at my coffee (AM Capp from Bloomsbury Coffee house) and said “We do coffee too, you know.”
        So I said “Not with almond milk you don’t….” And that started a big chat with all the baristas about how tasty it was, and led to one of them shouting the manager over and saying “why DON’T we do AM?”, and he said the big bods are trying to arrange an appropriate deal for it just now as they know it’d be popular.

        No idea if that’s Chinese whispers or hearsay, but I’d like to think Pret would be the type to start offering it, esp if they already have almond milk smoothie things. Fingers crossed!

        • Cat says

          That would be amazing! Ok money’s on Pret then for flying the AM flag 😉 I think we just need to get enough people like us in coffee shops harassing baristas about alt milks and eventually they’ll get the picture 😉

  7. says


    We at Esters in Stoke Newington have been producing our own almond milkfrom organic Spanish almonds since we opened in December 2013.

  8. Ian Wade says

    Hi Cat,

    Couple of things:

    Ozone (in Leonard Street; near Old Street) sadly no longer does Almond milk! Went along to try them out earlier – as there is a dirth of almond milk places in the Moorgate/Finsbury Square/Liverpool Street area) – and guy there said they stopped, because the milk curdled with their coffee, so they stopped! Not quite sure why, because I make excellent frothy Capps with almond milk at home, using the finest world coffees from Pact Coffee! So you can take them off your list!

    And I see a few people asking for almond milk Capps/lattes outside London. Boston Tea Party cafes (six cafes in Bristol, and in various locations around the South Coast and in Worcester and Birmingham can supply almond milk drinks! Hope that helps some people.


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