How I’ve Changed My Life

I’m baaaaack!

Ok, I’ve been negligent – even since my move to weekly posting, the summer has been pretty dead over at Casa del Cat Food.

I’ve basically changed my life in the past few months, and while I still LOVE writing/blogging… CFIGFY had to take a back-seat.


How I changed my life this summer (and how you can too!)

Let me explain…

For the first time since studying for my GCSEs, I’ve found myself so engrossed in a project, I can barely make time for a scroll through Instagram (I know) let alone maintaining my regular schedule here.

Now, this isn’t actually like studying for an exam – this is (1) incredibly enjoyable and (2) self-inflicted.

So I’m not complaining, even if it has kicked my ass and I still have no idea if it will be worth half the time I’ve spent on it, but hey ho: a very interesting experience.

Get Your Art Out

It has zilch to do with health and wellbeing, but if you’re at all curious , feel free to get the full details on this beast of a project here.

Now! Onto more life changes:

So, I moved to Brighton.

It’s a bit of a dream come true, and I’m still pinching myself every morning on my stroll along the seafront.

Brighton seafront

I could write a sonnet about my love for this city… but I’ll save you the pain of reading that.

Big thanks go to fellow blogger Amy Rutter for taking me under her wing, and being the only familiar face for me down here so far!

As much as I love travelling solo, I wasn’t sure how I’d fare living solo.

Brighton Pavilion

(Not my flat…)

But… so far I’m as happy as a seaside clam.

I even have a 3-week old plant!



Also… I’ve become a traitor already. Hands down, Brighton has the BEST coffee bar NONE. Literally…

Top #3 Coffee Spots SO far:

1) Red Roaster
2) Presuming Ed
3) Necot cafe (and ya -they do almond milk!)

Coffee Brighton

Sorry London.

What else…

I got my haircut for the first time in 12+ months?

Ok, that’s lame – actual news…

Oh I went on a 48hr silent meditation retreat!

Forest Hermitage

That was… definitely different. Actually 1 think I’ve developed quite a taste for it, and am planning my next getaway already (and boy am I glad I didn’t go straight into a 10-day one – something you want to work up to gradually IMO!)

Lastly, I’ve taken up… walking.

Like, long walks. I always get my 10k steps in, but it’s in bits n bobs.

Now that I’m next door to the South Downs, I’m making time for ‘proper’ walks on a Sunday (and planning the 100 mile South Down trail this September… Who am I?)

South Downs

Anyway, now this major proj is out of the way, I’ll be popping back in on the reg again.

If you haven’t already, and do want to get updates on my posts in your inbox, jot your email down here.



Tell me, strangers! What’s new with you?

Got plans for the rest of the summer?


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  1. says

    100 mile trail as in running?? That’s quite a challenge! Well, walking 100 miles would be amazing too!
    Glad to hear all is well with you. I need to visit Brighton more often. It’s fairly close (well, 1.5 hours away) and I have friends there and always love the atmosphere, scenery and food.

    • says

      Hah oh lord no – walking! Walking at a snails pace, with regular breaks, cosy B&Bs and lots of trail mix 😉

      Oh you should make a visit while it’s still ‘summer’! We could go on a binge in Infinity foods 😉

  2. says

    What?? How exciting! I love Brighton! And it does have the best coffee shops (even though I don’t like coffee!). How lovely to walk by the sea, or over the downs. Perfect.
    100 miles walking sounds amazing. But super tough. Someone I know walked London to Cambridge, which I think was 50 miles (for British Heart foundation)- that sounded crazy enough. Good luck with it!

  3. says

    Lovely to have an update from you Cat! I had come across your new site via a random Pinterest pin, it looks amazing and yey for being in Brighton, we’ll have to arrange a meet up next time I’m down :-)

    • Cat says

      Oh mad – I guess that Pinterest stuff works haha! YES let’s! I’m finally getting to indulge (er occasionally) in the wonder that is Infinity foods… ^_^

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