Current Obsessions #5


I’m kind of obsessed with these posts because they are SUCH a great pick-me-up when things are… a bit weird.

I don’t normally go ‘political’ (on this blog or in real life) but good lord.

Who knows, may be the world will be a better place with countries voting to isolate themselves and electing figureheads who want to build walls around them.

You might detect my skepticism.

But one thing I can get excited about is the little things I DO have control over: which is what this post is all about.

Here’s what’s making me smile these days:

1) Infinity Foods bread


In my bread-fuelled tasting haze, I forgot which loaf I picked up. But let me tell you… this stuff had me ‘he-dough’


No, bread is not part of my daily – even weekly – routine, but last Saturday I just fancied treating myself to the Whole Foods of Brighton (Infinity Foods.)

After trying out probably a half loaf of samples, I settled on this one. SO dense. More like a savoury cake than a loaf of blah bread. So far it’s been the vehicle for scrambled egg, as well as Biscoff spread.

On the same slice? I’ll leave that up to your imagination…

2) Heck


Another food stuff that doesn’t get much of my time: sausages and burgers generally get saved for BBQs and pub lunches, but when Heck let me try a smorgasbord from their range: I made room.

My problem with most supermarket brands is all the crazy junk that makes its way into processed meat products. I just want to shake them by their packets and yell ‘WHY the filler? Why not just use SAND??’

Heck however, are totally eschewing that and prioritise BOTH quality ingredients AND interesting flavours. Oh – and did I mention they are cater to the gluten free AND veggie crowds?

Truly shaking things up in the packaged food world, and I really hope other brands start to follow suit.

My top picks (though everything has been amazing)

#1 Chicken Italia chipolatas

#2 Nuts about Cheese Sausages

#3 Gourmet Goat’s Cheese Burgers

3) Christmas decorations


Who said it’s too early?

I swear the older I get the MORE pumped I get for the festive season!

I also think because I have 100% control (mmm and it feels so good) over my environment in my little studio: I’ve taken pride in actually doing some decorating.

The traditional tree is still under consideration (as much as I love decorative stuff, I’m still trying to be a bit more ‘minimalist’ with stuff stuff!)

So for now, my umbrella plant is getting some company.

4) More mandalas


I gave you a peek of my mandala art before, but it’s amazing me how this little creative spark keeps burning. I just find it so therapeutic!

Plus, with the Saturday morning creative Meetup, I have some comrades to keep me motivated in just making art for the sheer joy of it. (Something that easily gets stamped out when you’re trying to make a living from creative work!)

5) Mince pies


Yep – more festivities!

Mum learned her lesson from last year: she had read Iceland (of all places) had the ‘best’ mince pies, so headed in to try and stock up. This was two days before Christmas, and whaddya know: they had all sold out.

This year – she is prepared.

She’s bought 6 (the last time I checked) boxes so far, and I’m sure there will be more panic-mine-pie buying to come.

Oh for the record – they are rather good.

6) Seascapes


Seriously I can’t get enough of this place!

It’s totally surreal. I could write a whole post about spending the last 28 years of my life only seeing 50-60% of the sky thanks to the buildings in every place I’ve lived: and now, finally seeing the whole thing.

Agh – I’m getting shivers.

I’ve also caught some murmurations for the first time ever, and have found myself totally hypnotised by that strange, beautiful phenomenon.


That’s all for my current obsessions this month folks!

I’d love to know: what are you currently obsessed with right meow?

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  1. says

    I am getting very excited about Christmas too- it will be my first year in our new house so all the possibilities of decorating are there (and at least more space than our last place so we don’t have to worry about knocking the tree over when carrying our dinner past).
    And yes to the Christmas food too- M&S have some nice mini packet things- marzipan coated in chocolate for one. So good.

  2. says

    I won’t be decorating my flat as I just can’t be bothered and don’t want the expense (or having to find somewhere to store decorations when not in use). That makes me sound like a humbug but I do actually love Christmas. And yes to ALL the Christmas food. Mmmm.

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