Current Obsessions #4

More obsessions!

I think it’s probably wise, given the heavier nature of my last two posts…

Perfect time  to talk crack-like nutbutters, odd shaped drinking vessels, and my granny-like handiwork.

The only thing we’re missing ‘visually’ is my LOVE and EXCITEMENT for the autumnal season!

I’ve probably noted this before, but I am NOT cut out for the summer. Even in the UK. I blame my gingerness, but whatever it is I’m always relieved when the nippy weather settles in, and I can wear all the knitwear, eat all the pumpkin, you know the stereotypical drill.

And what about them conkers* eh? Love me a good conker to accidentally step on and fall on my ass over.

*Apparently this can either refer to a squirrel-based video game character, or the seed of the horse chestnut. Hm.

On with the show, here are my Current Obsessions…


1) Coffee in a lab


Ok, so the coffee wasn’t exactly served in an actual lab lab, but the spot is called The Black Lab. Which the punner in me loves on SO many levels.

I haven’t strayed from my new seaside domain for coffee for MONTHS now, and harbouring some guilt, I figured it was time to grab a cup o’ joe with a friend in Clapham.

It was the real deal. I loved that they had a seletion of beans to choose from (and natch Ethiopian was the frontrunner the day I went – deservedly so) and the satisfaction of being able to top up your mug from a beaker was just worth every bit of cramped space we had to fit ourselves into.

One thing I don’t miss about London? The lack of ROOM! For a big city it is fucking cramped.


2) Faux-Muffins


This concoction is not new – not to the internet, not to me. But I had totally forgotten about it…

Till the other day.

I had a serious carb craving, that no amount of sweet potato would satisfy.

I remembered this recipe (I believe Arman first introduced me to it) : the simplest, low-carb, gluten free muffin in town.

Do this:

1 tbsp coconut flour + 1 egg + pinch of baking soda x microwave for 60-90 seconds = BOOM


Proceed to spread with all the stuff (above: homemade mixed seed butter)


3) Good Hemp


Now, I’ve tried various vegan protein sources: hemp, pea, brown rice. A mixture.

But let’s face it: they don’t go down that easily – especially without adding a dangerous amount of sweetener or something to cover the taste.

I think my worst was a slightly green organic hemp protein I tried a good year or so back – I knew it was the best nutritionally out of the other plant-based options… (the only one with all 20 amino acids) but my GOD that taste.

Then I got to try Good Hemp. 

Naturally I had my reservations – not to mention my gut which had been playing up.

But taking one for the team (you my dear reader) I decided to give it a whirl.

I actually just mixed it with enough water to make it a mush (my preference for getting protein – I prefer to eat my food, not drink it) and a touch of stevia and…

Oh. It was GOOD! Hah – I guess that was what they were going for with the name.

Seriously: I was amazed by the difference between Good Hemp and the brand I’d tried before.

It didn’t have that dodgy green glow, the texture was incredibly smooth, and the taste? Well, non existent if I’m honest.

Plus, my gut hasn’t objected either. This one’s a keeper!

Also a prefect add in to some high-protein cookies


4) Pip & Nut Crunchy Maple CRACK


Ok, I’ll be honest: I’m not sold on ‘gourmet’ nut butters.

You want to pay 200% more for the same nut butter but with less nuts and more sugar and additives? HOKAY…

But. IF someone (hi Ma) decides to gift me a jar of said fancy nut butter… I’m gon take it.

And holy moly was it good.

Shame story: I devoured this little tub in 6 days. I couldn’t even make it a week.

Apparently that’s 16 tablespoons… it was all a blur.

But yes, I do recommend, should you fancy treating yourself to something a little extra special this holiday season… or Tuesday.


5) See, Dogs! (or: Sea Dogs)

Brighton has been taken over by these giant dog-shaped objects that I believe are based on a children’s book character.


I love ’em. I love spotting one I haven’t seen before, and I’ve made a new bucketlist item:

#38: Get commissioned to paint a large object (preferably animal-shaped)


6) Crochet


I just can’t help myself…

I’m addicted at age 28, to crochet.


It’s the ultimate wind-down activity. see, since deciding a ‘screen ban’ an hour before bedtime was in order, I had to think creatively.

Yes I can read, but I tend to do that when I get into bed and manage about 2 pages before i literally nod off with the book in my hands. I need something that helps me ease from WORK-work to beddie byes.

Did I just type beddie byes?

Ok, so crochet. Since my first class (I think in Jan of this year) I’m genuinely surprised of how far I’ve come – and moreover, how much I enjoy it!

The only downside is how much yarn actually costs (definitely no way I’m making a living from selling these wonky creations) and I can only follow Youtube videos – written instructions still leave me scratching my head with my hook.

If anyone has any good (EASY!) crochet books they can recommend, you know where the comments are! Much obliged.

That’s all for my current obsessions this month folks!

I’d love to know: what are you currently obsessed with right meow?

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  1. says

    I was in Brighton last weekend and loved seeing all of the snowdogs- they are from the film, which was a sequel to The Snowman- set in Sussex so I think that is why the hospice chose them as a link to the local area. I even bought a teatowel from the stand in the shopping centre!
    I love that maple pb too, although their plain smooth stuff is also very tasty.

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