What I Ate in Amsterdam

WIAW in Amsterdam

This week’s WIAW is taking place in… Amsterdam. I was away over the long (but not long enough) Easter weekend, visiting the capital of tulips and pancakes (amongst other things…) Amsterdam. I have been to the city before, and can’t remember much what the food was like. Either way, I certainly wasn’t the established food […]

WIAW #59: Food In Lisbon


As promised, part 2 of my Lisbon adventure is dedicated to… FOOD. All the food. A few things I learnt about the Portuguese: They like sugar. A lot. They respect bread. Fresh bread with only the basic ingredients is easy to find and worth every gluten-filled bite. They have some of the best seafood in […]

WIAW #58: A Day in the Life

wiaw: a day in the life

What is this madness! I’ve been out of the WIAW for far too long now – and it’s high time I rectify it! Part of me wanted to photobomb this post, but I figure I’m fairly active on instafoodgram lately, so you can always go there to see more. Instead… I thought I’d share a […]

WIAW #57: Then vs. Now


The ‘Then’ I’m referring to here is also known as the ‘dark days’. Circa 2010, when I graduated from uni and left my beloved life of playing hard, working… well, not quite so hard… and generally having the best time of my life with some amazing people. I replaced it with an uncomfortable ‘in-between’ life, where […]

WIAW #56: My First Ever Vlog O_O

What I ate vlog

New year, new me! Well, new to the world of Youtube anyway. Right – what drove me to the conclusion that getting my mug on video would be a good idea? Well, I like ’em! For me, vlogs are the ultimate in getting to imagine what a blogger is truly like. I hearing someones voice, and taking a […]

WIAW #55: What Goes Through My Head


I want to use this WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) to share with you what goes through my head when reading other people’s WIAW posts. Of course, I was reading them a good year before I started blogging myself, and it certainly shaped the way I eat. From experiments with overnight oats to learning about […]

WIAW #54: Learning to Savour the Flavour


I’m not sure which came first. My regular contributions to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) posts to Peas & Crayons, or my addiction to snapping photos of my food before I eat. Either way, the habit is firmly set in place – and a very tough one to break. I’ve been forced to miss out on a […]

WIAW #53: A Meat Up

WIAW: Meat Up

At the ripe old age of 26, I’ve realised how I’ve become set it my ways. The open-minded youth of 25 didn’t think like this. I’m obviously referring to my foodie-ways, god knows I’ll try anything once. Anything. *insert creepy sideways look* So, I’ve learned my foodie lessons. FoodiTake breakfast for instance: Oats are no […]

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #51: On Paleo Desserts…

What I Ate Wednesday #51

Hmph. This is the first WIAW where I haven’t been bursting with words for you. What is this madness? May be it’s the Smart Coffee from Crussh I had this morning – yes my fellow fatty-coffee-fan friends; the (genuine) Bulletproof coffee has arrived in merry old England, and Crussh are crushing it. (Told you I […]