Pushing Paws


Well firstly – happy new year!  Hope your 2017 has started with a bang (and not just a banging headache – har har…) Now I’ve never seen the need to write big long, apologetic posts about taking a blogging break or stopping altogether: I’m more of a slip-out-the-backdoor type. But some little voice in my […]

All I Want For Christmas…

Christmas wish list!

… is peace on Earth. Just kidding! You know I’m a realist. That’s why my Christmas list this year is far more realistic than the kind I used to write to Santa (usually written in October – I held back this year). They always began with: 1) A puppy. The list was slightly more realistic […]



Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the all brand spanking new… Cat Food is Good For You! I think I’m probably more excited about this than any of you are, seeing as 1) it’s my blog baby 2) it’s my job to get excited about web design Now, I still have a little work […]

Cat Food is Under Construction!


As much as I love my spinning cat head, courtesy of the Nomad theme, I think it’s time for a refresh. Cat Food is Good For You is getting a makeover! I spend every day designing for other people, and I love it. But being my own client? I hope I’m not a bitch to […]

Why You Need a Facelift. Yes, You!

Sorry about the dickish title – I just felt like attention grabbing 😉 I don’t mean a nip/tuck kind of facelift that may leave you looking like a human/cat hybrid, I mean a blog facelift. If you’re looking for a little spruce up – a new logo, a tasty new header, cute custom social icons… […]

How To Store Fruit and Vegetables (Infographic)

store fruit and vegetables

Typically, fruit and veggies don’t last very long in my house. This is primarily because I go through them like a small, ginger horse. I’m also pretty paranoid about the rate that they lose their nutrients – as good as a green smoothie can taste, it isn’t quite as good for you when your spinach […]

Make Your Own Motivational Graphic

motivation graphic

Whether you love or loathe them, motivational quote graphics are everywhere – and they range in quality from inspirational and beautiful eye-candy… to downright embarrassing. I will be found occasionally pinning one that strikes a cord with me, but I also wanted to create my own. I come across great quotes in books, in podcasts, […]

Choc Chick Giveaway Winner!

japanese cuisine

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Choc Chick Giveaway is… (wait for it…) Lisa! Congratulations Lisa! Please get in contact so I can get your chocolate making kit sent out to you. Would love to see a snap of the chocs you end up making! (Though I wouldn’t blame you for melting it all in […]

10 Free Food Blog Themes for WordPress

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 16.49.59

Since giving myself into the world of WordPress blogging, and designing for clients using WordPress, I’ve spent countless hours trawling through themes. Premium themes are a great way to go – if you can afford the investment. You can rely on someone who will fix any bugs you experience, and it is likely your blog […]

Edible Face-masks

Since taking steps to heal my skin by following an all-natural skincare regime, I’ve become staunchly of the belief that keeping chemicals off my face is crucial. I’ve saved money since cutting out chemicals, and my face has never looked better. I still get the odd acne flare up, but they are so much tamer […]