February 2015 in Review


I’m partly using the mere 28 days of February as my excuse for achieving very little – had I just 2-3 more days I’ll bet this would have been a more interesting post to write… Not to poo-poo Feb – I think I made the most of it. There was sunshine in the UK, as […]

A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series # 4)

Morning Routine biscuits

When I was a small child, my favourite morning routine (of course this happened exclusively on weekends) would involve the following… Waking up before the rest of my family, and trying to keep the noise down while I played with my Beanie Babies until I heard movement from someone else. That was my cue to […]

How To Capture Crow Pose (Bakasana)


***Disclaimer*** This post isn’t the definitive guide to finally getting into crow pose (bakasana). It may provide an ‘ah ha!’ moment, for those who are in the same position as me. It may even provide a plan of action for you as you work towards this yogic arm balance, if you decide to follow me […]

Find What Feels Good: An Open Letter to a Yogi


Oh A-aa-aaadriene, *insert The Calling ref* On 2nd (because I was too trashed on the 1st) of Jan, I joined in with thousands of others on a 30 Day Yoga challenge, led by the lovely leading lady of Yoga with Adriene. I had dabbled in in joining Adriene on the mat before, in addition to […]

February Goal: Face Your Fear

Face Your Fears.

Since deciding to drop the multitude of goals I usually set each month, I’ve decided to focus on one skill/mantra/habit to work on. Last month my ‘Tracking’ goal was a great help – I really think it kept me motivated and discover new things about myself. This month, the whirlwind month that is February, my […]

January 2015 in Review

January in Review.

Woohoo! It’s over! Dark days getting brighter, and spring time ahead. Well, in like a month or two… or three… Still, the painfulness that is January is behind us and – hang on. Painful? This month was (for the first time ever) a very happy month for me. Not for any particular reason – I […]

DIY Dairy-Free Vegan Protein Powder Recipe (For Cheap)

DIY plant protein

If you read my elegiac post earlier this week about my battle with adult acne and rosacea, (firstly, well done for getting through it) and secondly, you’ll know about my current ban on whey. NO WHEY? Yes way. Erm… Now, I’m not a big protein powder supplementer (word?) but it is just something I like […]

50 Pushups in 50 Days

50 pushups in 50 days challenge

I’ve learnt a surprising amount about setting goals and challenges for myself over the past year. For one, I now know just by saying I will/want to do something isn’t nearly enough. If I don’t TRACK (January’s goal) my progress in some way, there is very little chance in it happening. I also need a […]

Should You Make a New Years Resolution?

why bother new years resolution

I hope your 2015 has started well, and any headaches from last night’s debauchery are vanishing rapidly. Personally, mine is taking it’s sweet time. Last night I rang in the new year with some of my best friends, prosecco and fireworks (on the telly.) One topic of conversation was whether or not one should make […]

2014 in Review

2014 in review

I love my monthly review posts – taking time to reflect on what I’ve achieved, what I’ve learnt and making plans for the future. So a YEAR in review? Well this is just a treat. I must say, 2014 was not quite as eventful as 2013 – it wasn’t so much about new starts and […]