A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #9)

Healthy Morning Routine

Yes yes, I’m aware it’s taking me ages to push out this healthy morning routine interview series, but hopefully you’re still interested in noseying about other people’s days as much as I am (and if so there are plenty more to come!) Since moving into my new flat I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting […]

The Best All Round Workout Routine

Best Workout Routine

I haven’t blogged much about workouts recently, and that’s for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s been pretty repetitive for the last 6 weeks (which is a good thing in a way because it means I’ve been fairly consistent for once!) Another is that I’ve started to realise that everyone has different goals, likes, […]

July in Review: All Change Please


Ugh – there is no good way of introducing a monthly review post. So I’ll dive right in. July was epic! It was defined by one of my favourite things: CHANGE.   Yes, I love change. BUT only when I’m the one who instigates it. (I also love control, if you hadn’t guessed.) The big […]

Looking Back at June – Just the Essentials

June review

I love the last day of the month. I get to send invoices, pray that some invoices have been paid, and I get to reminisce. Looking back over the month you just had is something Greg Mckeown recommends in his book, ‘Essentialism‘, which I devoured this month with fervour.   I actually became kind of […]

Looking Back At May and Future Plans

Future Plans

Well, now I can’t read that title without hearing a Justin Timberlake-esque ‘Me’ instead of May. May was a rather packed month… I saw four new cities (3 in France, 1 in Poland – you’Il get that holiday’s photo dump next week!). l got all dressed up and went to my cousin’s wedding. Then I […]

April 2015 in Review


What is it about the spring that makes me want to start afresh? I literally go into ‘spring cleaning’ mode every April, and this is not like me (NOT a cleaner.) Not just in terms of my physical environment (though l did actually do some room reorganising and de-cluttering). But my life. What feels stale […]

How Hot Yoga Surprised Me

Hot Yoga Surprise

I remember a few years ago running into a friend who was unusually sweaty. I was coming home from an evening of post-work boozing and bawdyness, and she had come from a Bikram yoga class. A home-yogi myself, I wondered why in the hell anyone would want to spend there evening sweating it out in downdogs […]

Training Update: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Keep it simple

There is a big difference in agreeing with and understanding certain truths, and in actually following them ourselves. I can totally accept that buying little plastic bottles of water from Tesco Express is not only bad for my bank balance, but bad for my health thanks to that BPA dose. Do I act on this? […]

The ‘Should I Work Out Today?’ Workout


I had various things I wanted to start this post with – I had it all planned out last night, and knew what my Cat Sweat was going to be this morning. I woke up feeling… ok. Ok for 5am anyway. A little yoga (one of these free vids) and catching up on Bloglovin. By the […]

4 Hotel Room Workouts That I Took On Holiday

Hotel Room Workouts

I made a deal with myself at the start of the year: 12 weeks of scheduled workouts, with a nice week of mayhem relaxation at the end of March. This worked nicely: it would encourage me to stick to my training plan without getting distracted by a new and shiny regime, and it would keep […]