A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #1)

(This post is part of a series, you can find all morning routine posts here) A good few weeks ago now I listened to a particularly interesting interview of Ben Greenfield on Ameer Rosic’s podcast, The Optimal Show. In this show (as well as lots of other interesting tips on being more pro) Ben mentions […]

My Chiropractic Experience

At the time of this blogpost, I am 25 and a half years old. I have always associated back-pain as something ‘old people’ have. Without going too much into my un-PC thoughts on what qualifies as ‘old’, I did not expect to get struck by lower back pain last year. Serves me right eh? I […]

Paleo Dating

I can’t imagine cavemen had too much trouble with this – there were no romantic italian restaurants or fancy bars to meet after a hard days work hunting/foraging/scratching. But in 2013 it isn’t always easy to think up a paleo-friendly date. I’ve recently found myself in this paleo dating dilemma (if you can call it […]