My Experience With Reverse Dieting

My Experience With Reverse Dieting-02

Be prepared for one of my geekiest posts yet. Ready? OK. So… what the heck is reverse dieting and why would you want to do it? “Over repeated bouts of calorie restriction, your metabolism takes a beating. When you drop calories too low for too long, your body intervenes on several fronts. Most notably, it […]

Are Sugar Substitutes Good For You?

Are Sugar Subs Good For You?-01

I’m not going to be delving into the food politics around the sugar issue (I still think Laura mastered that) but it’s safe to say I definitely try to keep my sugar intake on the low side. My lifelong sweet tooth has definitely been quelled in recent years because of how I’ve intentionally removed most […]

Experimenting With Carb Cycling

A Carb Cycling Experiment

No, this isn’t quite as exciting as blowing up potatoes and turning loaves of bread into rocket fuel. My kind of experimenting with carbs is a little more… reserved. To get a little background on what I’m on about, I recommend checking out my full post about carb cycling on the lovely Amy Rutter’s blog – […]

8 Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Knew

8 Things Introverts Wish Extroverts Knew

Throughout my childhood I was referred to as ‘quiet’ and/or ‘shy’ by strangers, friends and family members. It always bothered me, though I wasn’t quite sure why. I guess I had picked up on the negative connotations those words have: that there was something to be ashamed about if you didn’t have anything to say, […]

5 New Years Resolutions… For Your Skin

New Years Resolution

With the holiday season over and a long month ahead of ‘detoxes’ and ‘fresh starts’, it can be easy to forget our largest organ. Adults walk around with 2 square meters of skin (!) and it’s one of the first places to show the results of our overindulging. These are 5 new years resolutions that I’m […]

2015 in Review: Successes, Fails and Lessons

2015 in review

Firstly, let me wish you a very happy start to the new year (and sincere condolences if your hangover is as horrible as mine!) My 2015 went out with a bang – Christmas was one of my favourites ever (though I think I say that every year…) But now that it’s over, I’ve dived straight […]

November in Review (+ December Goal)

November in review

How’s that for a catchy post title eh? … erm. Let’s dive in! Since setting the goal to journal every day I’ve actually kept to it pretty well. What keeps me at it is the ability to offload, think things out and record things I’m terrified I might forget. All in all, it’s like therapy for me! […]

6 Meditation Strategies for the Busiest Brains

Meditation strategies

  It’s one thing to make time for meditation a habit, it’s another to actually meditate. If you’ve integrated meditation into your routine, and you aren’t a monk… then you probably know what I’m on about. Of course, those thoughts will come and go (literally I remember some of mine from this morning: which of […]

How I Got Out of My Workout Rut

Workout Rut

As much as I don’t like to admit it, I’m a creature of habit. My workout ruts will come and go as the seasons do: they are inevitable and uncontrollable (at least at the time of writing. I’m sure Google and/or Elon Musk are working on it.) As the mornings grow darker and colder (and if […]

November Goal: Ask

November goal

Agh I caught myself nearly apologising for not blogging more regularly last month, but then I remembered that post… For what it’s worth, I think my blogging schedule will look a little less regular for a while, as I’m trying to grow my freelance design and consulting biz. If I’ve learnt anything from my goal-setting […]