Current Obsessions #5


  I’m kind of obsessed with these posts because they are SUCH a great pick-me-up when things are… a bit weird. I don’t normally go ‘political’ (on this blog or in real life) but good lord. Who knows, may be the world will be a better place with countries voting to isolate themselves and electing figureheads […]

Morning Routine (version 23.4)


Oh how fickle I am. I love routine yet crave change. Well, so long as I’m in charge of both of them 😉 Since discovering how much happier having a solid – if, somewhat elaborate – routine makes me: I’ve tried many, many variations. It’s been a hot minute since I last shared a day-in-the-life type […]

Are You Setting The Wrong Goals?

Are you setting the wrong goals? Here are 10 sure-fire ways to set the RIGHT goals >>

Setting the wrong goals is kind of like deciding to bake a chocolate cake, then going to the supermarket and buying some bananas and cabbage. Then throwing the bananas and cabbage in the oven and hoping a chocolate cake manifests. No: this isn’t a new recipe for a banana-cabbage-cake (although now you mention it, that […]

Taking a Different Route


Why must we make things so HARD? I get it: hard work makes you a better person. HAH! For one, the truth is we are all – yes everyone – ‘enough’ as we are. We’re born ‘enough’. Sure, hard work is (to an extent) necessary for our growth, development, creativity, contribution… But there are far […]

Current Obsessions #4


More obsessions! I think it’s probably wise, given the heavier nature of my last two posts… Perfect time  to talk crack-like nutbutters, odd shaped drinking vessels, and my granny-like handiwork. The only thing we’re missing ‘visually’ is my LOVE and EXCITEMENT for the autumnal season! I’ve probably noted this before, but I am NOT cut […]

When you’re having one of those days…

Having 'one of those days'? Here are 5 simple things you can do to feel better >>

I spent the past weekend at home home (with my parents) and somewhere between countless cups of Barry’s Tea and Conversations about the weather, I came up with an idea for a post. When I arrived, Ma was in the midst of a tech-related nightmare. An online shop was refusing checkout, and her phone company […]

How I Cope With Anxiety

The 4 things I do to cope with anxiety >>

OK, I wouldn’t say I’m someone who suffers from anxiety on a regular basis. I’ve never had a panic attack (touch wood) and am generally a happy-go-lucky type. At least, I am these days. However, part of my personality is very susceptible to bouts of unwarranted stress. Type-A, must achieve, must complete, must improve… To […]

7 Current Obsessions #3

current obsessions

I think it’s the paranoid ‘what if I lose all my memory’ in me, that makes me so determined on recording these ‘Current Obsession’ posts. It’s kind of like have a time capsule in blog-form. This month I’ve been feeling a little more experimental (may be it’s the sea breeze… or just Brighton in general!) […]

How to Streamline Your Life

How to streamline your life when things are getting complicated

Today I have a guest post from Adam, writer for Pryers (a medical negligence solicitors based in York.) Adam likes writing about everything from fitness to lifestyle to law, and is a perfect voice for CFIGFY! I love this topic that Adam has written about, and it came at exactly the right time for me. I’m all about creating […]

How I’ve Changed My Life


I’m baaaaack! Ok, I’ve been negligent – even since my move to weekly posting, the summer has been pretty dead over at Casa del Cat Food. I’ve basically changed my life in the past few months, and while I still LOVE writing/blogging… CFIGFY had to take a back-seat. Let me explain… For the first time […]