7 Current Obsessions #2

current obsessions

I was watching a Youtuber last night talk about her ‘current obsessions’ and it reminded me of (1) how much I love watching other people talk about products and (2) how much I hate realising that 50% of the products are from the US and even if I got them online here, the shipping would be […]

7 Current Obsessions

current obsessions

It feels like a smokin’ hot minute since I last shared some current obsessions on this blog (unless those flourless brownies count…) Yes some of these were sent by very generous companies (marked with *) but others I’ve bought out of pocket. Either way, I can safely say this lot gets a firm Cat Food seal […]

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins #IQS

Mini Paleo Egg + Bacon McMuffins

Breakfast just doesn’t come often enough. Once a day? Such a shame. Brunch makes twice, which is more like it. Personally the ideal day involves brinner too. My usual breakfasts rotate between chocolatey eggy zoats (high carb days) or my japanese-style breakfast (low carb days.) But when I received Sarah Wilson’s new Healthy Breakfast Cookbook, I […]

Are Sugar Substitutes Good For You?

Are Sugar Subs Good For You?-01

I’m not going to be delving into the food politics around the sugar issue (I still think Laura mastered that) but it’s safe to say I definitely try to keep my sugar intake on the low side. My lifelong sweet tooth has definitely been quelled in recent years because of how I’ve intentionally removed most […]

2015 in Review: Successes, Fails and Lessons

2015 in review

Firstly, let me wish you a very happy start to the new year (and sincere condolences if your hangover is as horrible as mine!) My 2015 went out with a bang – Christmas was one of my favourites ever (though I think I say that every year…) But now that it’s over, I’ve dived straight […]

November in Review (+ December Goal)

November in review

How’s that for a catchy post title eh? … erm. Let’s dive in! Since setting the goal to journal every day I’ve actually kept to it pretty well. What keeps me at it is the ability to offload, think things out and record things I’m terrified I might forget. All in all, it’s like therapy for me! […]

September in Review: Sharing My Journal Entries…

Sharing my journal

Ok so remember how my goal for September was to journal every day? (You don’t? Shame on you!) Well, I did pretty well, I think I only missed a few days – despite some being utterly dull… Anyway, I thought sharing my journal entries for this month’s review made sense!   It’s definitely more scary to […]

August in Review: Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

I won’t pretend I’m not a little happy to see the end of ‘summer’ and the start of… legwarmer season. Everyone reverts to an 80’s dancer in the autumn, right? The only lame thing about August has been my lack of adventure. I didn’t even leave London! To be fair, I was rather busy soaking up my […]

July in Review: All Change Please


Ugh – there is no good way of introducing a monthly review post. So I’ll dive right in. July was epic! It was defined by one of my favourite things: CHANGE.   Yes, I love change. BUT only when I’m the one who instigates it. (I also love control, if you hadn’t guessed.) The big […]

5 Foodie Documentaries You Need To See

Food Documentaries

I can’t help but feel left out sometimes. When I hear (or read) about all the ‘binge watching’ of riveting television series’ that everyone and their dog seems to be hooked on. Ok, I just about caught the GoT bandwagon, but please don’t ask me who anyone is (bar the pretty one, the little one […]