Can Coffee Really Boost Workout Performance?


Ok ok – I’ll admit I have been known to have… an unhealthy relationship with the caffeinated bev. I can go from Mogwai to Gremlin in a matter of an hour if I don’t get my morning cup o’ joe. We’ve broken up, on occasion, for this very reason. But it always finds it’s way […]

Bulletproof Pumpkin Spice Latte (#BPSL)


When I googled ‘bulletproof pumpkin spice latte’, I expected to be bombarded with a load of great recipes I could whip up that morning. Ok, ok, I got some. But not quite what I wanted. I don’t want to use a pumpkin spice syrup. I don’t want coconut cream in it. I want MY bulletproof […]

Creamy Iced Mocha (Dairy-Free)


There is an upside to waking up with a new spot on your eyebrow (of all places) – it makes it quite painful to frown. So, today I’ll be appearing particularly positive! It isn’t always easy to find something to be chipper about in the morning, after you’ve peeled yourself away from a particularly good sleep […]

My Matcha Fat-cha Smoothie (#LCHF)


I’m a fickle smoothie drinker. Sometimes I’m all over them like (homemade) dip on a (kale) chip, sometimes I can’t think of anything more unappealing than a meal that doesn’t sit on a plate. Currently, it may be sun-related, but I’m digging the drinkable meal. I was partly inspired by this ‘Skinny Fat Shake‘ from […]

The Superest Superfood Smoothie


There are smoothies. There are superfoods. When you want to give your body the best nutritional bang it can handle, this is the smoothie you want to go for. Meet the ultimate: the Superest Superfood Smoothie! The Superest Superfood Smoothie Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 1 min Total time: 6 mins Serves: 1 Ingredients […]

Tiger Nut Milk (Horchata de Chufa)

tigernut milk

Yesterday I gave my full explanation on why I’m so obsessed with my new foodie find: tiger nuts. Today, I want to share the recipe that came up most when I started googling the nutty tubers; a Valencian speciality: tiger nut milk aka. Horchata de Chufa. Naturally, I wanted to give it a Cat Food twist, […]