5 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


I’ve long since given up the attempt to eat 3 square meals in a day and not snack in between. It seems like an arbitrary number anyway-why 3 meals anyway? for some people, 6 smaller meals works for them, and I knew others who get by perfectly on one great big meal. Anyway, I usually […]

Current Obsessions #5


  I’m kind of obsessed with these posts because they are SUCH a great pick-me-up when things are… a bit weird. I don’t normally go ‘political’ (on this blog or in real life) but good lord. Who knows, may be the world will be a better place with countries voting to isolate themselves and electing figureheads […]

Morning Routine (version 23.4)


Oh how fickle I am. I love routine yet crave change. Well, so long as I’m in charge of both of them 😉 Since discovering how much happier having a solid – if, somewhat elaborate – routine makes me: I’ve tried many, many variations. It’s been a hot minute since I last shared a day-in-the-life type […]

Can Coffee Really Boost Workout Performance?


Ok ok – I’ll admit I have been known to have… an unhealthy relationship with the caffeinated bev. I can go from Mogwai to Gremlin in a matter of an hour if I don’t get my morning cup o’ joe. We’ve broken up, on occasion, for this very reason. But it always finds it’s way […]

Current Obsessions #4


More obsessions! I think it’s probably wise, given the heavier nature of my last two posts… Perfect time  to talk crack-like nutbutters, odd shaped drinking vessels, and my granny-like handiwork. The only thing we’re missing ‘visually’ is my LOVE and EXCITEMENT for the autumnal season! I’ve probably noted this before, but I am NOT cut […]

7 Current Obsessions #3

current obsessions

I think it’s the paranoid ‘what if I lose all my memory’ in me, that makes me so determined on recording these ‘Current Obsession’ posts. It’s kind of like have a time capsule in blog-form. This month I’ve been feeling a little more experimental (may be it’s the sea breeze… or just Brighton in general!) […]

7 Gourmet Nut Butter Recipes

Gourmet Nut Butters-02

Honestly, I think nut butter may be my favourite food group. We’ve had our ups and downs (for a while we had to break up entirely because I became too reliant on our relationship. NB saw other people. I saw other fat sources…) But today, we’re in a very happy place. I know what I […]

Interview: Karen from the Happy Bread Company

Food Startup Interview

The eighth interview in my Foodie Startup series features a company that is transforming the tummies of Britain in a delicious, traditional way… the Happy Bread Company! (Full deets about this series can be found here.) When I went down the paleo rabbit hole, one of the easiest things to ditch for me was gluten. Bread? Bah! Pasta? […]

Interview: Margie from Nana Ice Cream


The final interview in my Foodie Startup series features a company that has perfected the alchemy of turning fruit into ice cream… Nana Ice Cream! (Full deets about this series can be found here.)   Since I cut out the majority of dairy from my diet in order to improve my skin, I’ve been retesting myself with various […]

7 Current Obsessions #2

current obsessions

I was watching a Youtuber last night talk about her ‘current obsessions’ and it reminded me of (1) how much I love watching other people talk about products and (2) how much I hate realising that 50% of the products are from the US and even if I got them online here, the shipping would be […]