A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #11)

I never really got that expression:

“Red sky in the morning;
Shepherd’s warning.
Red Sky at night;
Shepherd’s delight.”

I like red skies at anytime (then, I’ve never had to lock after sheep…) and we’ve seen some beauts in London town lately.

Red sky


Until yesterday morning. The drizzle is back and l fully bailed on my morning walk.

lt’s ok though – I figure I’ll be doing plenty walking for the next few days… in Florence!

Yep, I’ll be boarding a budget airline plane as this post is published.

I swear this is my last city break this year! May be…

Anyway, hopefully will have some # pizzaporn and selfies with great works by Michelangelo for you soon.

Healthy Morning Routine

What Makes a Healthy Morning Routine?

On with our healthy morning routine interview series! Today comes from Kezia Hall of Super Naturally Healthy (and one of the beautiful voices behind the Happy Health Chat podcast!)

Q: Do you have a morning routine? Can you share it?

Yes I sure do and it does often change in timings and order but all in all these basic factors always stay the same:
Wake up and drink large amounts of filter water with lemon or raw apple cider vinegar .

Then I will sit and meditate or priming as Tony Robbins like to call it and although it sound fancy and zen like it literally is me sitting on sofa taking time to pray, be grateful, sing and journal from anywhere between 5-30 minutes and I always speak out different affirmations to to set the course of my day .

Sometimes I squeeze oil pulling into the mix too although I am sure oil pulling and meditation are not meant to go together …pretty sure meditation is NOT about multi tasking but never mind.

Then I will try and do some exercise – bounce, head to gym or do pilates for 20-25minutes before getting ready for the day. And throughout the entire morning I have music playing – an important part of setting the tone for my day and waking myself up!

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I LOVE morning time! I am so much more alert and productive and I think my sweet spot for waking up is 6.30am and I wake up feeling like I could write a novel! I don’t often get hungry till 9am though so breakfast is later on and I just drink water, teas and juice until then.

I am useless at night after about 8pm my brain turns to pumpkin…

Pumpkin bread

No to pumpkin brain! Yes to pumpkin bread

Q: What does a typical work day look like?

It changes everyday but often I am at my desk and working from about 8.30am onwards sometime earlier or later. As health coach I may Skype some clients in the day otherwise I am creating content for my website, filming video, sending emails to my clients or eCourse group. I am still in the start up phase of business so my days are filled with everything from marketing, finance or planning.

Kezia Hall

I am pretty bad at ‘ending’ work but i try to finish around 6.30-7pm but i may have a cheeky extended lunch break to go cuddle my niece or see another human being so I don’t go insane!

Q: Do you have any tips for staying productive and focussed throughout the day?

Create a weekly task list and a daily task list. I have created my own weekly planner and then each day I schedule out hour by hour my day with the various task.

Also I make sure every week, month and day I make clear my TTT – my Three Top Tasks as I am pretty creative and can get very distracted by new shiny ideas so my daily TTT really help me focus.

I also have a mini trampoline which I am evangelical about everyone getting as its so good when you get frustrated or stressed just to bounce, laugh (its really hard to be grumpy on a trampoline – honestly go try it!) and reset my mind and attitude.

Lentil Scones

.. or may be you have a cheeky gluten-free scone break?

Q: Breakfast of champions?

EGGS! I love eggs so much so my dream breakfast is sauteed onions in butter with fried organic eggs on the side with a dollop of sauerkraut serves with a fresh bullet proof cocoa. Onions for breakfast sound weird but honestly BEST. THING. EVER!

Yes I journal often as it really helps me connect to my emotions and feelings and prevent any blocks. I am such a visual person it really helps me process what is going on and deal with any anxieties or worries as well as gain perspective.

I also use it as a gratitude journal too and tend to always start with what I a grateful for so today weirdly enough I was thinking about how grateful I am for clean water straight from the tap and how amazing it is. Now that makes me sound like a real crunchy hippy but getting grateful everyday helps me so much and makes my day so much more fun!

Thanks Cat this has been very enlightening as I have realise what a total hippy I am!!

And thank you Kezia! I’ve got so much in common with your day it’s a little spooky… which is appropriate for the month of Halloween 😉

Your Three Top Tasks is a BRILLIANT tip – focussing on just a few tasks is key if I want to avoid overwhelm and just curling up in a ball on the floor.

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Do you keep to just one or a few key tasks every day or are you a multitasking machine?

Do you have a morning routine you would like to share on CFIGFY?

(If you do, here’s the link to the questionnaire – alternatively you can email me here!)


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