A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #10)

Now, I try not to fall into the British stereotype of having nothing better to talk about than the weather… But what EVEN is this RAIN!?

Oh to make matters worse I don’t have an umbrella and refuse to buy one because

1) I’ll lose it by the end of the week

2) or break it by the end of the week

3) as soon as I buy one we’ll have a dry spell

Stubborn soaking wet mule here.

Healthy Morning Routine

What Makes a Healthy Morning Routine?

Anyway, because of the bloody rain (this is relevant I promise) I allowed my morning routine to be screwed with this morning.

Instead of getting out into the air (whether it’s to the gym or just go for a walk) I said SCREW YOU RAIN I’ll get my yoga on.

I’m normally a 15-20 minute max yoga gal, but I decided to take the plunge and go for a full hour long ashtanga sequence.

It was a nicely modified one, and I really loved it. I got that proper buzz I only get from a full class. Must do more often!

I also added it to my new playlist, imaginatively called ‘Long Yoga’ – a work in progress but if you have any good hour+ practises to recommend, please let me know in the comments!

So, that’s something good that came from a hiccup in my typical morning routine. Take that rain.

On with the Healthy Morning Routine Interview. Today comes from someone whose morning routine I actually get to witness nowadays – my flatmate Pip of Cherries and Chisme!

Q: Do you have a morning routine? Can you share it?

Lately I’ve fallen into the habit of lazing in bed for 5 minutes after my alarm goes off whilst scrolling through Instagram – something about this cold weather making me not want to get out of bed perhaps?!

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Most definitely early bird. I am a total granny with my bedtimes but it’s how I feel best! Although lately (as documented on my blog) exhaustion has meant my wake-up time has crept a little later as I find myself needing more and more sleep.

Q: What does a typical work day look like?

Doing a Masters degree plus an internship and a tonne of studying means that each day is pretty different. If I’m not in the office it may go something along the lines of lectures, lunch with uni friends, coffee shop study session, grocery shop, dinner, blogging, more work, sleep. Very exciting!

Q: Do you have any tips for staying productive and focussed throughout the day?

For me the two key things are a change of scene and regular breaks. I’m not a fan of working in the same place all day so I love it when I can move around a little. With breaks I try and take them just before my mind goes completely dead or I find I never really start up again.

Q: Breakfast of champions?

Oh this is a tough one, either scrambled eggs with banana and nut butter or my paleo porridge with…banana and nut butter!
When I’m back home I love getting my waffle maker out to make paleo waffles with bacon, blueberries and maple syrup. The best.

Q: Do you keep any kind of diary/journal?

I used to track my workouts on MapMyRun but have lapsed on that lately and to be honest I’m not too fussed about it. I guess Instagram is kind of like my daily journal but other than that I quite enjoy winging it.

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Looking forward to this gal getting back from her long weekend away in Holland!

Find Pip and her beautiful blog over at Cherries and Chisme and stay posted on more of her routines and habits on Twitter: @cherries_chisme and Instagram: @cpisone

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How do you feel when life dictates your routine – embrace it or kick and scream?

Do you have a morning routine you would like to share on CFIGFY?

(If you do, here’s the link to the questionnaire – alternatively you can email me here!)


  1. says

    I couldn’t lie in bed after my alarm goes off! I’m a “get out of bed immediately” kind of person. But when I go to bed I tend to go on my phone and distract myself a bit from sleep which isn’t good.
    Rain SUCKS.

    • Cat says

      I’ve tried to make myself put my phone on the other side of the room for that very reason but my room is very small so I do find myself getting up and bringing it back to bed. It’s like a baby!

  2. says

    I am all too familiar with Granny bed times…
    Loved reading this – its so awesome you two live together now :)
    I am with you on Umbrellas. Why do they always get lost or break!?

    • Cat says

      I know right! I have a conspiracy theory about the umbrella manufacturers. They’re making faulty brollys and sending out thieves all to keep themselves in business! I may write a detective novel on it… 😉

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