8 London Coffee Shops Serving Almond Milk

*UPDATE: For even more coffee shops serving almond milk check out this post – also includes a Google map of them all!)*

Since I pointed the finger at cow’s milk for being a potential cause of my acne and rosacea, I’ve been happily going about my life as normal. I don’t use milk on a regular basis anyway, seeing as eggs and bacon don’t usually require it. Nor do green or herbal teas. As for bulletproofing my coffee? Butter doesn’t seem to affect my skin in the slightest (likely due to the lack of lactose and casein, the possible culprits.)


The one place I miss my milk? In my cappuccinos. Now this isn’t a daily habit either (that would get expensive pretty quick) but 2-3 times a week I take my work to a coffee shop, and enjoy spooning off the foam (with chocolate sprinkles) a top my cappuccino – I love that a drink is both drinkable and eatable.

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a good dairy-free alternative for the foamy coffee treat. I won’t go into why I don’t drink soy milk here, but this sums it up better than I could anyhow.


So what are the other options? Well, almond milk, hazelnut milk, coconut milk (the thin stuff, as opposed to canned), rice milk and oat milk. These are all cropping up in health shops and even big supermarkets in the UK… but coffee shops and cafés seem to be slower on the uptake. The ones that do serve dairy and soy alternatives seem to be sticking to almond milk mostly, but I’m hoping the future means multiple milks will be available.

Another reason I can’t wait to hit NYC – apparently Dunkin’ Donuts have added almond milk to their menu!

My first ever almond milk cappuccino - ain't it purrdy?

My first ever almond milk cappuccino – ain’t it purrdy?

In the meantime, I’ve been hunting down the finest dairy-free, soy-free coffee shops and cafés I could find. Leaving no coffee cup unturned, I’ve actually managed to find 8 such places, all in the cosy capital of London*.

*I’m still on the look out for similar places further afield, and hear Brighton supports the dairy-free scene, but I need to do some more investigation here! If you have any UK-wide establishments to suggest that serve dairy or soy alternatives, do get in touch! I’ll try to plan a visit and update this post.

So, without further a-moo (HA) here are my 8 places to get your cappa’s, lattés, and café au laits all without the cow or soybean juice.


1. New Row Coffee, Covent Garden

This was the first coffee shop I found that served almond milk – and not just any almond milk from the big brands. They make their own. How awesome is that? The only problem with the almond milk you find sold in cartons is the other junk they put with it (sweeteners, gums, preservatives…). But the only problem with NRC’s almond milk is… it runs out! Get in there in there bright and early to bag a homemade nut milk cuppa.

2. Matthews Yard, Croydon

My softest spot is for my hometown’s hidden gem. Seriously, this place is the flagstone for Croydon’s path toward (eventual) gentrification. I can spend hours working here; it’s huge and never gets too crowded during the week. Plus you get a good sized mug, not some piffling paper cup.


3. Moosh, Soho

More a stop ‘n’ gulp than an chill and get-your-laptop-out place, but big points for their range of protein smoothies, healthy snacks and baked goods.

4. Detox Kitchen, Soho

After discovering the Pressery online, who make cold-pressed almond milk (without the junk) and supply it to some fine establishments, I did a little looking around. DK are around the corner from Moosh, so you’ll need to flip a coin to choose (unless you go for both, and end up with a buzz fit for shopping Oxford Street like a champ).

5. Macintyre Coffee, Hoxton

Another stockist for the Pressery’s almond milk, these guys keep it simple with a shorter menu than most, with the grand choice of coffee with milk, or without. So, my cappuccino was more of a cafe au lait, but the coffee itself was quite lovely. Also the patrons are quite entertaining – you don’t forget you’re in Hoxton! I liked that I was brought water with my coffee, and the old school hip hop in the background.


6. Curio Cabal, Haggerston

You’re spoilt for choice if you’re in East London when it comes to coffee stops, and CC also serve the Pressery’s juice! It has a different vibe to MC, a little smaller, more feminine and polished. They even have avocados gowing everywhere! Unfortunately I made the mistake of going on a sleepy Sunday morning and they had run out of almond milk – though they did have some of the Pressery’s almond milk with tumeric in the fridge – amazing! Possibly not one to make a coffee with though…

7. Brooklyn Coffee, Shoreditch

I was working near here for the longest time before I decided to forego my french press and splash out on a fancy coffee. I was going to stick to black, but when I saw ‘Almond milk’ up for grabs on their coffee menu I leaped and jumped for joy. The coffee is also the best I’ve had – I’m planning on picking up some Caravan coffee beans when I’m next there. Oh and the staff are amazing, as are their gluten-free chocolate orange cookies. My loyalty card is filling up fast!


8. Healthy Cook Company, Kingston

OK – a bit of a cheat entry. They’re more of a bakery than a coffee shop, and the alternative milk here is actually Koko coconut milk! I’ve tried the milk plain before, and it really doesn’t have a strong coconut taste – perfect for creaming your coffee! They’re also a great place for gluten-free and vegan baked goods – I know where I’m ordering my next birthday cake from… or y’no, next Tuesday cake from.

So, let’s support these fine folk and the alternative milk cause! I’d love to see more options popping like these up all over.

Have you been to any of these coffee shops?
If I fit Dunkin’ Donuts into my NYC trip, which donut should I get with my coffee?
Do you know any more places that serve dairy and soy milk alternatives?
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  1. says

    Love love love this post! I want to New Row Coffee when I was in London a few weeks ago and fell in love with it, the almond milk in my latte was insanely good! Let’s hope more coffee shops catch on soon…/one day…
    I’m going to Brighton tomorrow so shall let you know if I find anything!

  2. says

    I love almond milk- I don’t mind soya milk though, I find it goes frothier so when making a hot chocolate at home I sometimes get soya for that.
    I thought that wholefoods would do almond milk but when I went there I couldn’t see an option for it (in the UK, in the US they do almond milk I am sure).

    • Cat says

      I do actually go for soy milk sometimes, at least it doesn’t give me a pizza face! I figure if it’s organic it doesn’t do much harm. Will be making a trip to WF when I’m in NYC – will be expecting almond milk there and report back!

  3. says

    Retreat Cafe in Kingly court does, as does Whole Foods in Picadilly, though I find an almond milk cappuccino just doesn’t taste right! I lived in San Francisco for a bit last year and it was everywhere in every coffee shop = even Peets (a big chain). One day… One day…

  4. Jo says

    I have a few more for you… Kaffeine on Great Titchfield Street make their own, is delish. Damson & Co in Soho do one of the best almond milk flat whites! And today I had a lovely almond milk coffee at Whole Foods in Richmond. Slate Coffee in Shoreditch also has it, as does Borough Baristas on Seymour Place, W1. Moosh in Soho (as you mentioned) is my absolute favourite though…if one of the two guys makes it, it is perfection! (Can you tell I’m a regular?!)

    • Cat says

      No way I had no idea Kaffeine do! I love their coffee too – extra reason to visit 😉 Thank you! These will all be in round up 2 for sure!

  5. Sarah says

    The Bloomsbury Coffee House (20 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RE) has almond milk – they also do student discounts

    • Cat says

      Ok wow – adding! Such a great location too – I thought that area was lame for coffee a few years back 😉 Thank you!

  6. Claudia says

    I recently discovered that Daylesford Organic Farm Shops serve their coffees/drinks with almond milk (also soy but no coconut). There is also The Good Life eatery in Chelsea, which has soy/coconut/almond milk drinks as well (and food is just delicious).

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