7 Current Obsessions #3

I think it’s the paranoid ‘what if I lose all my memory’ in me, that makes me so determined on recording these ‘Current Obsession’ posts. It’s kind of like have a time capsule in blog-form.

This month I’ve been feeling a little more experimental (may be it’s the sea breeze… or just Brighton in general!) but I’ve been keen to try new things – food, work, play and so on.

I’ve also admitted to myself that I’m not 100% happy with how my digestion has been behaving. I consider my GI tract to be pretty resilient; dairy (whey, specifically) being the only thing that consistently bothers me.

But for whatever reason, I’ve been dealing with a fair amount of bloating and gas that just doesn’t seem right… The only reason I’ve been avoiding seeking out the answer is that I love my current diet!

Anyway, I’m working with a local nutritionist, and geeking out on all things food with her! I wonder if all her clients get this excited by blood sugar levels and the endocrine system…

Will keep you posted on any discoveries made there. But for now – my 7 current obsessions!

1) Early morning mandala doodling


This is an odd one, but who knows – it might be the next ‘5 minute journal’…

After my yoga, my meditation, my list of 10 random ideas, I’ve been sticking on either a podcast or Youtube video that discusses spirituality or mindset or some other woo-woo self-improvement stuff, and just doodling while making the odd note.

It just feels amazing. I found myself drawing these mandalas because it becomes kind of autonomic: as in, I don’t really think about what I’m doing and I basically get into a jammy little flow state.

Plus, the result can be quite pretty.

Give it a go! No serious drawing skills required đŸ˜‰

2) Incantations

Conceive Believe Achieve

Hah! OK, I promise no more woo after this one.

You might have come across affirmations before, and as much as I like the idea… I sometimes find myself thinking ‘yeah, Cat… I don’t fully believe you’

Which kind of ruins the effect. With incantations (this is a Tony Robbins thing by the way, and yes you should absolutely watch I Am Not Your Guru – with tissues at the ready) you’re engaging your whole body; your nervous system to really drill the mantra or whatever it is, into your head.

So this might be pacing around like a crazy person and really trying to feel an emotion, attached to your incantation. Just like exercise releases endorphins, I can totally see why changing our physiology can have a powerful effect on our thoughts.

3) Ginger beer

Ginger beer

There we go – a food/drink related obsession!

Yes, this is a total guilty pleasure, but I was in M&S the other day and got drawn to a bottle o’ ginger beer. It just hit the spot, on a surprisingly warm day.

4) Infused water

Another thing I’ve been doing to get some liquid in me is adding lemon or cucumber or mint to my plain old water, and chilling it.

I know – not exactly cutting edge. But WHY wasn’t I doing this before??

I stopped drinking tap water, and basically only drank sparkling water for the last couple of years to the point I was seriously considering getting a soda stream.

Then, I recently found out that it probably wasn’t the best for my gut (apparently it makes it too acidic?) and that I should start balancing it out with some still stuff.

Lemon in particular is great to add because it makes the water more alkaline – just what my belly needs!

5) The sea

Brighton beach

Not helpful for you if you live super inland, but I’m sure the majority of us tries to get to some large area of water on the occasion – especially at this time of year.

Being by the sea, I think, has had a huge impact on my overall happiness baseline. It’s hard to be stressed out or bummed when you wake up to this beautiful sight.

Brighton can certainly get busy and bustling, and the seagulls don’t let you forget they’re there, but on my early morning strolls it just feels like heaven.

6) My sleep mask

Sleep mask

I’m giggling because of how difficult this photo was to take.

TRY IT. Try taking a selfie with a sleeping mask on.

What was I thinking??

ANYWAY: this thing is a life saver. I didn’t want to invest in (or be bothered putting up) blackout blinds in my new place, so I figured I’d give this a blow.

For anyone new to sleeping masks, and think they’d be distracting, you’re right. They CAN be. I did buy one before this, for a few quid, and it was totally useless.

Uncomfortable and STILL let the light in!

This one has been perfect though. It’s moulded so you don’t notice it on your eyelids, and it really does keep the light out.

7) Oat fibre

This is a new one to me – I came across it on the co-founder of Quest bar’s Instagram, and started googling.

It’s basically some bastardised form of oatmeal that has pretty much all the digestible carbs removed, and is crazy good for baking with if you’re watching them carbs.

I think it’s fairly easy to buy in the US, but if you’re struggling to find it in the UK, I bought it from here. (No affiliate link – I just dig it.)

When I’ve baked up something that is both delicious AND photogenic – you’ll be the first to know about it đŸ˜‰


That’s all for now folks! I’d love to read about some of YOUR current obsessions – let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @catfoodisgood4u

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  1. says

    I literally sleep with my sleep mask every single night. I take it whenever I go on holiday or stay at friends. I’m a very light sleeper so any light can wake me up. I have a super soft one from the Brookstore from the US. Soooo comfy.

  2. says

    My new Kindle is my current obsession! I was so against them to begin with, favouring the feel of feeling a real book in your hands and turning the pages, but now that my new (second hand) one has arrived I’m looking for any spare minute to read it, a new guilty pleasure! x

    • Cat says

      I love my e-reader! I think mine is some dodgy chinese one but it does the job đŸ˜‰ So convenient and doesn’t weigh down my bloody bag!

  3. sarah says

    you spelt conceive wrong.
    ha, my current obsession is stalking you when I can’t sleep! invest in the soda stream

  4. says

    Sorry to hear your digestion has been playing up lovely! I hope that you and your nutritionist can get to the bottom of it (pun not actually intended but LOL). I really love Brighton, one of the places I would love to live when I am back in the UK! One thing I am going to miss a lot from Sydney is the SEA. Being by the water is so so calming.
    Also totally checking out incantations… I am an affirmation junkie but this sounds intriguing!

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