A Lesson A Day (+ September Goal)

Lesson a day

Eight months down, and eight goals set. Last year, eight goals are roughly the number of goals I would set myself in a day alone, let alone a month. A year is like torture! Yep, I’m a chronic goal setter. Or a chronic to-doist. I think my July Goal (focussing on ONE thing) was a good kick […]

August in Review: Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

I won’t pretend I’m not a little happy to see the end of ‘summer’ and the start of… legwarmer season. Everyone reverts to an 80’s dancer in the autumn, right? The only lame thing about August has been my lack of adventure. I didn’t even leave London! To be fair, I was rather busy soaking up my […]

Remineralising Toothpaste (That Won’t Make You Gag)

Remineralising Toothpaste

This post may or may not be an excuse to show off my new toothbrush holder, but I promise it will also be quite useful too.   Let’s talk toothpaste. It was only in the last year or two that my passion for eating healthfully led into other areas of my life. From what I […]

A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #9)

Healthy Morning Routine

Yes yes, I’m aware it’s taking me ages to push out this healthy morning routine interview series, but hopefully you’re still interested in noseying about other people’s days as much as I am (and if so there are plenty more to come!) Since moving into my new flat I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting […]

5 Things To Do When You’re Lonely Travelling Solo

5 things to do when you're lonely

Last week I saw one of my dearest friends for dinner (oh, tip: The Quality Chop House, London, is indeed QUALITY – get the monkfish liver and relish not only in the melt-in-yo-mouth texture, smokey taste and in the vitamins and essential fatty acids!) and we got onto the subject of solo travel. You may be […]

The Best All Round Workout Routine

Best Workout Routine

I haven’t blogged much about workouts recently, and that’s for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s been pretty repetitive for the last 6 weeks (which is a good thing in a way because it means I’ve been fairly consistent for once!) Another is that I’ve started to realise that everyone has different goals, likes, […]

Why I need to shut up

Shut up

Just… shut up. Maybe that sounds a little harsh, but I don’t intend to tell myself off or put myself on the naughty step; I don’t think I’ve done (or said) anything wrong. But… I definitely need some quiet time. A timeout, perhaps. Do you ever feel like your mind is just a chatterbox that […]

What’s the point in meditation? (+ August Goal)


‘Completely pointless’ ~ My father, on the practise of meditation. I should mention here how much I’d love to have delved deeper and asked why he came to this view, and whether it was based on a personal experience or anything he had read – scientific or otherwise. Or, what he meant by ‘pointless‘ – […]

July in Review: All Change Please


Ugh – there is no good way of introducing a monthly review post. So I’ll dive right in. July was epic! It was defined by one of my favourite things: CHANGE.   Yes, I love change. BUT only when I’m the one who instigates it. (I also love control, if you hadn’t guessed.) The big […]

Which is the Best Base Oil For Your Skin?

Which is the best base oil for your skin?

They say that they best way to learn is to teach. (Well, at least Frank Oppenheimer said so.) I generally flee from the task of teaching others (for fear of turning into my father), but through writing this natural skincare eBook I realise I’ve kind of fallen into it. Oops. Before I started writing it, […]