My Chiropractor Gave Me Bigger Boobs and a Double Chin

My Chiropractor Gave Me Bigger Boobs

What? I wanted this post to read like a Daily Mail headline. Ok, joking aside, it’s been nearly 2 years since I last wrote about my experience with chiropractic care, and I’ve been (fairly) quiet about my back problems since then. But it really has been an ongoing pain in the back (literally) since then. The […]

How to use Trello to organise your life

How to Use Trello

The quest (I’m all about quests lately ain’t I?) for the perfect organisation/productivity tool feels like a never ending battle. As soon as you have one well-oiled system running, a new one comes along and flaunts it’s benefits in your baffled face. l think it’s just part of the human condition. The type-A human condition […]

My Quest For… A Homemade Quest Bar

Quest Bars - New British Dessert Flavours!

Don’t get me wrong; I love living in the UK. Free healthcare (for now…), grass fed cows, not having to drive everywhere (oh, I’m a Londoner if you hadn’t guessed). But… it has it’s down sides. Namely, when oggling the particular food stuffs I see my American blogging friends show off. From Justin’s nut butter […]

One Day… I Hope I’m as Strong as My Coffee

One Day I Hope I'm As Strong As My Coffee

I’m not the biggest fan of ‘fitsporation’ quotes. You know the ones… For me, they trigger thoughts that I don’t want floating round my head. I don’t need to be congratulated for being as type-A as I am. I certainly don’t need to be reinforced in my already overcritical, determined and perfectionistic nature. That’s not […]

Castles, Carbs and Cats (My week in Provence)


Bonjour mon petit pois! The only thing worse than my knowledge of the French language is my pronunciation of it. Srsly. Butchered. Every. Word. Basically, rather than giving you a summary of my time in France, I’m going to take direct quotes from my personal travel journal l kept. Did it just get juicy up […]

May Goal: Take More Risks


The other day Jemma told me how her little one Aiden absolutely loved the water, and she was taking him swimming. It reminded that I too had a love of thews swimming/splashing as a baby–but at some point lost this to fear. When do we learn to become scared of things like this? Obviously, it […]

April 2015 in Review


What is it about the spring that makes me want to start afresh? I literally go into ‘spring cleaning’ mode every April, and this is not like me (NOT a cleaner.) Not just in terms of my physical environment (though l did actually do some room reorganising and de-cluttering). But my life. What feels stale […]

A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #6)

Healthy morning routine

Recently I’ve been all about experimenting with my morning routine. My typical day would start with warm water, lemon and ACV, a little yoga, emails and if it’s a gym day – gym (if not, walk to claim my free coffee from Waitrose.) Notice what’s missing? Breakfast! Breakfast would happen up to 4 hours after […]

How Hot Yoga Surprised Me

Hot Yoga Surprise

I remember a few years ago running into a friend who was unusually sweaty. I was coming home from an evening of post-work boozing and bawdyness, and she had come from a Bikram yoga class. A home-yogi myself, I wondered why in the hell anyone would want to spend there evening sweating it out in downdogs […]

Training Update: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Keep it simple

There is a big difference in agreeing with and understanding certain truths, and in actually following them ourselves. I can totally accept that buying little plastic bottles of water from Tesco Express is not only bad for my bank balance, but bad for my health thanks to that BPA dose. Do I act on this? […]