April Goal: Focus

April goal

I could have made this post about how I’ve decided to go vegan, or take part in a 3-day juice cleanse, call it an April Fools and feel very funny indeed. But you probably have enough joke articles online to get through today (lord knows I do… I wish I wasn’t so gullible. I’m stil reeling […]

March 2015 in Review


Let’s bypass the inevitable ‘how the hell is it April already I still have my Christmas tree up’ and skip onto my review of the month that was! Ok, I totally made up for the bleakness of February and packed quite a bit in to old March. Obviously, Lisbon was my hands down highlight. Yeah… […]

Chocolate Chia MUGG Muffin For One

Paleo Muffin

I suck at following instructions. This week I’ve had my personal trainer try (as best he could bless him) to teach me how to clean and press a kettlebell. I’ve also attended a half day course ‘Crochet for Beginners’ at my local adult learning centre. In both cases, I gave it my all. But I […]

My Natural Beauty Routine (an update)

Beauty care

I hadn’t planned to blog about ‘grooming’ for a while, until I had the prompt from a reader who asked what my current routine is. Seeing as it’s been a while since I last talked about no-pooing and my skincare routine, I thought I’d share my full body, natural beauty routine. When I looked back at those […]

The ‘Should I Work Out Today?’ Workout


I had various things I wanted to start this post with – I had it all planned out last night, and knew what my Cat Sweat was going to be this morning. I woke up feeling… ok. Ok for 5am anyway. A little yoga (one of these free vids) and catching up on Bloglovin. By the […]

5 Foods That Make Me Angry

Foods that make me angry

I like to keep things fairly positive around these parts, but I can’t hold it in anymore. There are some foods that make me angry. So my revenge is to rant about them, to anyone who will listen. I also remembered I can blog about them! Belvita Breakfast Bars These are what prompted this post. I […]

A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #5)

morning routine

One of the best things about having a set morning routine, is that I don’t have to THINK. 5 am is typically when my alarm yells at me, and if I had to consciously do any planning at this point I think I’d make some pretty awful decisions. Thanks to having a set routine, I […]

WIAW #59: Food In Lisbon


As promised, part 2 of my Lisbon adventure is dedicated to… FOOD. All the food. A few things I learnt about the Portuguese: They like sugar. A lot. They respect bread. Fresh bread with only the basic ingredients is easy to find and worth every gluten-filled bite. They have some of the best seafood in […]

Life in Lisbon

Life in Lisbon

Prepare yourself for one heck of a photo dump. Ok, ok, I’ll write a bit too. Lisbon was incredible, and as much as I’d like to recommend you to visit… please don’t, because I want it all for myself.   You’re probably wondering where the food is. This is Cat Food after all! One of […]

4 Hotel Room Workouts That I Took On Holiday

Hotel Room Workouts

I made a deal with myself at the start of the year: 12 weeks of scheduled workouts, with a nice week of mayhem relaxation at the end of March. This worked nicely: it would encourage me to stick to my training plan without getting distracted by a new and shiny regime, and it would keep […]