DIY Dairy-Free Vegan Protein Powder Recipe (For Cheap)

DIY plant protein

If you read my elegiac post earlier this week about my battle with adult acne and rosacea, (firstly, well done for getting through it) and secondly, you’ll know about my current ban on whey. NO WHEY? Yes way. Erm… Now, I’m not a big protein powder supplementer (word?) but it is just something I like […]

No Whey Do I Still Have Acne!?

no whey

Haha I think that may be my favourite post title ever. Ok, so this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time. I’ve eluded to my battle with the face bumps plenty of times before, but I see this as more a complete summary of: What my ‘skin story’ is up to now What […]

More Coffee Shops That Serve Almond Milk in London

almond milk london

So since my last exploration into the world of alternative milk suppliers, I’ve been given recommendations from far and wide. Time to reveal these gems! A little backstory – since cutting the cows milk from my diet (it seems to turn me into a pizza face) I’ve been trying to find coffee shops that serve alternative […]

WIAW #57: Then vs. Now


The ‘Then’ I’m referring to here is also known as the ‘dark days’. Circa 2010, when I graduated from uni and left my beloved life of playing hard, working… well, not quite so hard… and generally having the best time of my life with some amazing people. I replaced it with an uncomfortable ‘in-between’ life, where […]

Pre-Workout Green Apple Gelatin Gummies

pre-workout gelatin

Other than my beloved coffee, I’m not the biggest fan of drinkables. I much prefer to chew, basically. Smoothies, soups, shakes… I’ll take mine spoonable, preferably. The lumpier the better But getting my pre-workout BCAAs in wasn’t too bad – the green apple flavour that I’m currently toying with is delicious. Mixed in with my […]

Life Lessons from a Linchpin

lessons from linchpin

This post was meant to be an almighty recipe for some rather amazing raw, mixed nut cookies… but I felt this was more important to share. (More important than cookies? Whoah… I know.) This weekend I had a treat booked for myself, that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. My first ever (professional) massage! […]

50 Pushups in 50 Days

50 pushups in 50 days challenge

I’ve learnt a surprising amount about setting goals and challenges for myself over the past year. For one, I now know just by saying I will/want to do something isn’t nearly enough. If I don’t TRACK (January’s goal) my progress in some way, there is very little chance in it happening. I also need a […]

WIAW #56: My First Ever Vlog O_O

What I ate vlog

New year, new me! Well, new to the world of Youtube anyway. Right – what drove me to the conclusion that getting my mug on video would be a good idea? Well, I like ‘em! For me, vlogs are the ultimate in getting to imagine what a blogger is truly like. I hearing someones voice, and taking a […]

Should You Make a New Years Resolution?

why bother new years resolution

I hope your 2015 has started well, and any headaches from last night’s debauchery are vanishing rapidly. Personally, mine is taking it’s sweet time. Last night I rang in the new year with some of my best friends, prosecco and fireworks (on the telly.) One topic of conversation was whether or not one should make […]

2014 in Review

2014 in review

I love my monthly review posts – taking time to reflect on what I’ve achieved, what I’ve learnt and making plans for the future. So a YEAR in review? Well this is just a treat. I must say, 2014 was not quite as eventful as 2013 – it wasn’t so much about new starts and […]