Training Update: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Keep it simple

There is a big difference in agreeing with and understanding certain truths, and in actually following them ourselves. I can totally accept that buying little plastic bottles of water from Tesco Express is not only bad for my bank balance, but bad for my health thanks to that BPA dose. Do I act on this? […]

The Clean and Mean 18 (UK Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen)

Clean Mean 18

It probably isn’t a new term to you, my savvy reader, that there is a ‘blacklist’ for certain fruit and vegetables that is known as the ‘Dirty Dozen‘. The advice from the EWG is; if you’re going to buy these 12 foods, you want to make sure they’re organic. This is because they are the […]

A Healthy Morning Routine (Interview Series #6)

Healthy Routine

Remember my plan to throw my ‘busy’ life out the window and dedicate my Sunday to all things I love? Forget about the cruelness of the clock and just live life? Well… I did it! Mostly. My morning routine didn’t change much – I love it, so it was part of my day. Gentle 15 […]

Why I’m Never Saying ‘I’m Busy’ Again


I’m going to scrap the workout I had planned to post today, because this is a far more important topic to me right now. It was triggered by a reading from a chapter of Tim Krieder’s book, ‘We Learn Nothing‘ I heard on the Tim Ferriss podcast. If anything resonates with you in this post, […]

What I Ate in Amsterdam

WIAW in Amsterdam

This week’s WIAW is taking place in… Amsterdam. I was away over the long (but not long enough) Easter weekend, visiting the capital of tulips and pancakes (amongst other things…) Amsterdam. I have been to the city before, and can’t remember much what the food was like. Either way, I certainly wasn’t the established food […]

April Goal: Focus

April goal

I could have made this post about how I’ve decided to go vegan, or take part in a 3-day juice cleanse, call it an April Fools and feel very funny indeed. But you probably have enough joke articles online to get through today (lord knows I do… I wish I wasn’t so gullible. I’m stil reeling […]

March 2015 in Review


Let’s bypass the inevitable ‘how the hell is it April already I still have my Christmas tree up’ and skip onto my review of the month that was! Ok, I totally made up for the bleakness of February and packed quite a bit in to old March. Obviously, Lisbon was my hands down highlight. Yeah… […]

Chocolate Chia MUGG Muffin For One

Paleo Muffin

I suck at following instructions. This week I’ve had my personal trainer try (as best he could bless him) to teach me how to clean and press a kettlebell. I’ve also attended a half day course ‘Crochet for Beginners’ at my local adult learning centre. In both cases, I gave it my all. But I […]

My Natural Beauty Routine (an update)

Beauty care

I hadn’t planned to blog about ‘grooming’ for a while, until I had the prompt from a reader who asked what my current routine is. Seeing as it’s been a while since I last talked about no-pooing and my skincare routine, I thought I’d share my full body, natural beauty routine. When I looked back at those […]

The ‘Should I Work Out Today?’ Workout


I had various things I wanted to start this post with – I had it all planned out last night, and knew what my Cat Sweat was going to be this morning. I woke up feeling… ok. Ok for 5am anyway. A little yoga (one of these free vids) and catching up on Bloglovin. By the […]