Current Obsessions #5


  I’m kind of obsessed with these posts because they are SUCH a great pick-me-up when things are… a bit weird. I don’t normally go ‘political’ (on this blog or in real life) but good lord. Who knows, may be the world will be a better place with countries voting to isolate themselves and electing figureheads […]

Morning Routine (version 23.4)


Oh how fickle I am. I love routine yet crave change. Well, so long as I’m in charge of both of them 😉 Since discovering how much happier having a solid – if, somewhat elaborate – routine makes me: I’ve tried many, many variations. It’s been a hot minute since I last shared a day-in-the-life type […]

Can Coffee Really Boost Workout Performance?


Ok ok – I’ll admit I have been known to have… an unhealthy relationship with the caffeinated bev. I can go from Mogwai to Gremlin in a matter of an hour if I don’t get my morning cup o’ joe. We’ve broken up, on occasion, for this very reason. But it always finds it’s way […]

Are You Setting The Wrong Goals?

Are you setting the wrong goals? Here are 10 sure-fire ways to set the RIGHT goals >>

Setting the wrong goals is kind of like deciding to bake a chocolate cake, then going to the supermarket and buying some bananas and cabbage. Then throwing the bananas and cabbage in the oven and hoping a chocolate cake manifests. No: this isn’t a new recipe for a banana-cabbage-cake (although now you mention it, that […]

Taking a Different Route


Why must we make things so HARD? I get it: hard work makes you a better person. HAH! For one, the truth is we are all – yes everyone – ‘enough’ as we are. We’re born ‘enough’. Sure, hard work is (to an extent) necessary for our growth, development, creativity, contribution… But there are far […]

Current Obsessions #4


More obsessions! I think it’s probably wise, given the heavier nature of my last two posts… Perfect time  to talk crack-like nutbutters, odd shaped drinking vessels, and my granny-like handiwork. The only thing we’re missing ‘visually’ is my LOVE and EXCITEMENT for the autumnal season! I’ve probably noted this before, but I am NOT cut […]

When you’re having one of those days…

Having 'one of those days'? Here are 5 simple things you can do to feel better >>

I spent the past weekend at home home (with my parents) and somewhere between countless cups of Barry’s Tea and Conversations about the weather, I came up with an idea for a post. When I arrived, Ma was in the midst of a tech-related nightmare. An online shop was refusing checkout, and her phone company […]

How I Cope With Anxiety

The 4 things I do to cope with anxiety >>

OK, I wouldn’t say I’m someone who suffers from anxiety on a regular basis. I’ve never had a panic attack (touch wood) and am generally a happy-go-lucky type. At least, I am these days. However, part of my personality is very susceptible to bouts of unwarranted stress. Type-A, must achieve, must complete, must improve… To […]

7 Current Obsessions #3

current obsessions

I think it’s the paranoid ‘what if I lose all my memory’ in me, that makes me so determined on recording these ‘Current Obsession’ posts. It’s kind of like have a time capsule in blog-form. This month I’ve been feeling a little more experimental (may be it’s the sea breeze… or just Brighton in general!) […]

How to Streamline Your Life

How to streamline your life when things are getting complicated

Today I have a guest post from Adam, writer for Pryers (a medical negligence solicitors based in York.) Adam likes writing about everything from fitness to lifestyle to law, and is a perfect voice for CFIGFY! I love this topic that Adam has written about, and it came at exactly the right time for me. I’m all about creating […]