Creamy Iced Mocha (Dairy-Free)


There is an upside to waking up with a new spot on your eyebrow (of all places) – it makes it quite painful to frown. So, today I’ll be appearing particularly positive! It isn’t always easy to find something to be chipper about in the morning, after you’ve peeled yourself away from a particularly good sleep […]

(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #44: Cake For Breakfast


Howdy folks! Assuming you’re reading this post because you want to look at a picture of cake, I won’t dilly dally too long. Dilly dally? Ridiculous phrase. I had to google. Apparently it came from an old music-hall song about some lady moving home because she couldn’t make rent. My old man said ‘Follow the […]

Cat Sweat #15: A Workout That Will Make You Love Burpees


I haven’t exactly needed a Cat Sweat sesh this week in order to make me sweat. Seriously. This fine weather the UK has had made me sweatier than a priest in a playground (no offence to priests. Fun fact: my dad used to be a priest.) Personally, I get uncomfortable when temperatures reach over 25C, […]

What Was Good This Week: Coffee and Coconuts


Another week down, another post where I share all of the week’s goodness! The heatwave that hit the UK this week has put me in a bit of a funk – I really don’t think gingers were built for temperatures like this. Thankfully today is looking a bit cooler, so I’m coming back to life […]

Thinking Like a Freak (Out Loud)


I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a podcast-aholic. The majority are health-related (and you can check out my ever-growing list here) but they are increasingly becoming more general ‘info-casts’. I’ll stop making up words now. Take the blog of one of my heroes, Tim Ferriss. Or the legendary Joe Rogan (who […]

(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #43: Carrots and Eating Al Fresco

Nothing weird to see here folks, move along. This was a delightful plantain and egg microwave.. thing. I made a sauce with cocoa powder, water and stevia. Coconut butter is king right now.

Hello and welcome to another wonderful Wednesday in the world of Cat’s belly. I thought since moving back in with my parents my eating habits would turn a little… dull, really. I thought my odder combinations of flavours (salty miso and sweet fatty coconut oil?) would become muted. I would start replacing my less commonly […]

Is Taro Good For You?


A few days ago I decided to try and create something similar to Laura’s Jicama Porridge. What went through my head: Yum! Comforting, warm, starchy… I could make this for dessert! But… I have no jicama. Sad face. Cheer up Charlie Cat! Go to your (one of many) local asian grocers, and pick one up! So that’s […]

What Was Good This Week: Homebrewing and Cooking Curry

what was good this week

Hello hello! I’m feeling surprisingly perky despite last night’s shennanigans. I attended my first ever cocktail making party (I say first because I’m hoping this is the first of many.) Seeing as it’s still laughably early in the morning, I’m more likely to crash at around 3pm in a haggard stupor. But until then, let […]

Cod & Chorizo Broth (Gluten-Free)


On Wednesday I shared the perks of working for my latest client, SimplyCook – getting to sample their creations on a recipe development day. I guess my standards weren’t set that high – I believe in cooking from scratch as much as possible, and doubted that any pre-made blend of herbs and spices could beat what […]

(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #42: I Love My Job


I won’t lie – missing out for the first time in +40 consecutive WIAW’s was p-retty difficult last week. But then I remembered how much work I still had to do and freaking out would consume other emotions. This week? All smiles. I find being busy isn’t stressful when I love what I’m doing. Plus, I’m blogging again! […]