8 London Coffee Shops Serving Almond Milk


Since I pointed the finger at cow’s milk for being a potential cause of my acne and rosacea, I’ve been happily going about my life as normal. I don’t use milk on a regular basis anyway, seeing as eggs and bacon don’t usually require it. Nor do green or herbal teas. As for bulletproofing my […]

What Was Good This Week: NYC Trip Planning


I’ve had a bit of a quiet week on the blog I know – this is what happens when a client wants a full week in the office from me, and I’m spending my evenings dogsitting this little furball: I’ve also been rather distracted this week with my excitement for my upcoming holiday. Does anyone […]

September Goals


Oh September – does anyone else still get a ‘going back to school’ icky vibe about this month? I’ve told you how August was a hoot, but how did I do with my August Goals? Here we go: August Goals (Review) Food I found my ‘keep it simple‘ rule pretty easy to follow – living […]

What Was Good This Month: August Review


August seems to have come and gone without making too much of a ripple. I settled into a new routine in the comfort of my parents’ home, and pretty much continued life as standard. Freelance design jobs, blogging here, running Catillest and generally making the most of the last weeks of British summer (which looked […]

3 Ingredient Fruity Flapjacks


If you’ve seen much of the edibles I feature on the blog, you may have noticed the lack of grains. Oats, rye, barley… minimal. Rice, buckwheat… occasionally (thanks to my love for Japanese starches.) I could go into my stance on gluten and carbs in general, but that’s another post. On the odd occasion, I […]

(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #49: I Have No Words


Who am I kidding, I have tons of words! Buuuut… very little time to write them. Conveniently, Linda over at The Fitty reminded me of her #LIPLinkUp (opening this Friday) – which is rather genius. Normally I blab quite a bit around my #WIAW posts to make up for my god-awful photos, but today I’ll try and […]

What Was Good This Week: Business Plans and Baking


A warm welcome to this week’s roundup of good things! If you’re in the UK, a big high-five to the 3-day weekend I’m having a big family day today, seeing as it’s my big bro’s birthday. Check out the tee I’ve designed and printed for him: I worked through yesterday so I really can’t wait […]

Eat Cake For Breakfast and Fight Wrinkles?


Before I begin… can I wish someone a happy birthday? This blog! Cat Food is Good For You turned the ripe ol’ age of one today. Aye, she’s come a long way since the days of spinning cat head… It’s been a hoot. More than once, I’ve questioned where I want the blog to go, […]