What’s the point in meditation? (+ August Goal)


‘Completely pointless’ ~ My father, on the practise of meditation. I should mention here how much I’d love to have delved deeper and asked why he came to this view, and whether it was based on a personal experience or anything he had read – scientific or otherwise. Or, what he meant by ‘pointless‘ – […]

July in Review: All Change Please


Ugh – there is no good way of introducing a monthly review post. So I’ll dive right in. July was epic! It was defined by one of my favourite things: CHANGE.   Yes, I love change. BUT only when I’m the one who instigates it. (I also love control, if you hadn’t guessed.) The big […]

Which is the Best Base Oil For Your Skin?

Which is the best base oil for your skin?

They say that they best way to learn is to teach. (Well, at least Frank Oppenheimer said so.) I generally flee from the task of teaching others (for fear of turning into my father), but through writing this natural skincare eBook I realise I’ve kind of fallen into it. Oops. Before I started writing it, […]

Chocolate Crunch No-Cook Cookies (High Protein)

No-Cook Cookies

As much as I love quick ‘n’ easy recipes, I’m not the biggest fan of raw/no-bake recipes disguising as conventionally baked goods. Not because I don’t like the look or taste of them (quite the opposite actually – my Pinterest board is testament to this). My beef is that I SUCK at making them! l […]

Chatting About Chaga with Blue Moon Chaga

Blue Moon Chaga

The second in my series on exploring the best of the best brands for medicinal mushroom drinks features Sophie from Scottish-based Blue Moon Chaga. For interview 1 with Hybrid Herbs, click here. For an overview on medicinal mushrooms, click here. How did you discover the health benefits of mushrooms? I have picked mushrooms since the […]

Cor! The Benefits of Cordyceps with Hybrid Herbs


So, as you may remember from my discovery of medicinal mushroom beverages, I decided to take it upon myself to do some hardcore research into the best brands around for safe, yummy, effective mushrooms. I put together some questions I had, and took them to the busy owners of various companies. Today I’m featuring K […]

My Latest Coffee Substitute: Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea

Since reintroducing my beloved coffee, one thing that became clear was my limit. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, more than 2 cups a day leaves me jittery. It doesn’t noticeably affect my sleep, but I’m willing to bet I sleep deeper with a limit of 1-2 cups in the earlier half […]

5 Foodie Documentaries You Need To See

Food Documentaries

I can’t help but feel left out sometimes. When I hear (or read) about all the ‘binge watching’ of riveting television series’ that everyone and their dog seems to be hooked on. Ok, I just about caught the GoT bandwagon, but please don’t ask me who anyone is (bar the pretty one, the little one […]

Why I Don’t Wear Sun Lotion

Don't Wear Sun Lotion

As a natural carrot-top/ginger nut/have no soul I’ve always had the joy of catching a healthy shade of LOBSTER every time I spend more than 10 minutes in the sun. Cheers, Ma. On the upside, it doesn’t take much for me to make enough vitamin D from the sun, and I’m easy to pick out from […]

July Goal: One Thing


l mentioned in June’s roundup that I had become a little obsessed with two books: ‘Essentialism‘ and ‘The ONE Thing‘. Both books have their own merits, but basically emphasise one thing (l guess they’d be hypocritical otherwise)… That is to focus your energy on the thing you do best. The thing that excites you. That […]