5 Paleo Christmas Treats With 5 Ingredients Or Less

paleo christmas

Excuse me while I have a it’s-less-than-a-week till C-Day freak out. I had my last minute shopping planned in my dieary for the week. I also had other fun festivities pencilled in – finally putting up the Christmas tree, making egg nog for the first time, and finding an elaborate baked Christmas treat to bring […]

WIAW #55: What Goes Through My Head


I want to use this WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) to share with you what goes through my head when reading other people’s WIAW posts. Of course, I was reading them a good year before I started blogging myself, and it certainly shaped the way I eat. From experiments with overnight oats to learning about […]

What Was Good This Week – Cats, Chocolate and Celebrities


Another rabidly busy week down, and I am BASKING in the glow that is a ‘lazy’ Sunday. Well, it’s the kind of Sunday that suits me – squatting my butt off (or on, I hope), writing this post with a steamy cafetiere next to me, and spending the afternoon drawing in Matthew’s Yard (with more […]

The Ultimate Paleo Christmas Hamper

paleo hamper

I know I’ve done a ‘gift guide’ post already – but I’m overly excited about Christmas, ok? This is the result of me seeing utterly beautiful, mouth-watering foodie Christmas hampers in the shops… Now, Christmas certainly isn’t a time when I’d class myself as a paleo purist (I actually never do… more a paleo dabbler). […]

What Was Good This Week: Do What You Love

advent calendar

I’m a walking contradiction, as Billie Joe would sing. I must be busy – if not I get bored. But when I’m too busy I stress out and moan. There definitely is a sweet spot of balance somewhere in there, but thanks to my freelance career choice, those moments are rare. This week was one […]

Paleo Pumpkin Superfood Truffles

truffles cat food is good for you

Yeah I played with this recipe name a lot. Pumpkin Coconut Balls? Maca Pumpkin Fat Bombs? The Healthiest Truffles On Teh Interwebs? But that’s ok, because these bad boys speak for themselves… I was never a huge fan of the spherical-shaped food phenomenon, but then I found myself in the kitchen with a load of […]

WIAW #54: Learning to Savour the Flavour


I’m not sure which came first. My regular contributions to WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) posts to Peas & Crayons, or my addiction to snapping photos of my food before I eat. Either way, the habit is firmly set in place – and a very tough one to break. I’ve been forced to miss out on a […]

November Review: Being Kind

november review

Finally, November is over which means… only one more sleep until I can open my advent calendar! 26 isn’t too old to still have an advent calendar, right!? This has been another up/down kind of month to be honest, nothing major – just a little sore throat and a few days where a mean hacker […]

All I Want For Christmas…

Christmas wish list!

… is peace on Earth. Just kidding! You know I’m a realist. That’s why my Christmas list this year is far more realistic than the kind I used to write to Santa (usually written in October – I held back this year). They always began with: 1) A puppy. The list was slightly more realistic […]

What Was Good This Week: Rest and Recovery

wwg - rest and recovery

It isn’t easy to start a positive post about what was good this week while tucked up in bed listening to the downpour that is this miserable British Sunday morning – but I’ll give it a shot. The bed part is pretty good anyway This week was definitely characterised with some hard work, hard play, […]