Cat Cookies v2.0 (More Chocolatey Than Ever!)

Low-carb cat cookies

I don’t bake for pleasure. Does that make me a bad blogger? A bad potential grandma for sure. I bake for practical reasons. To make others happy. To have something to snack on that isn’t as boring as fruit or as expensive and crap-filled as buying pre-made baked goods. Oh, and of course, to instagram. […]

What Makes a Healthy Morning Routine?

Morning Routine biscuits

When I was a small child, my favourite morning routine (of course this happened exclusively on weekends) would involve the following… Waking up before the rest of my family, and trying to keep the noise down while I played with my Beanie Babies until I heard movement from someone else. That was my cue to […]

WIAW #58: A Day in the Life

wiaw: a day in the life

What is this madness! I’ve been out of the WIAW for far too long now – and it’s high time I rectify it! Part of me wanted to photobomb this post, but I figure I’m fairly active on instafoodgram lately, so you can always go there to see more. Instead… I thought I’d share a […]

How To Capture Crow Pose (Bakasana)


***Disclaimer*** This post isn’t the definitive guide to finally getting into crow pose (bakasana). It may provide an ‘ah ha!’ moment, for those who are in the same position as me. It may even provide a plan of action for you as you work towards this yogic arm balance, if you decide to follow me […]

5 Places To Get Gluten-Free Pancakes in London


You may know this already, but one of my favourite and most overlooked holidays is Pancake Day – or, if you’re my strictly Catholic mother, Shrove Tuesday. Every pancake day, mum would cook the whole family mini crepes, one at a time, while we (5 of us) would wait impatiently for our turn. They were thin, […]

Find What Feels Good: An Open Letter to a Yogi


Oh A-aa-aaadriene, *insert The Calling ref* On 2nd (because I was too trashed on the 1st) of Jan, I joined in with thousands of others on a 30 Day Yoga challenge, led by the lovely leading lady of Yoga with Adriene. I had dabbled in in joining Adriene on the mat before, in addition to […]

February Goal: Face Your Fear

Face Your Fears.

Since deciding to drop the multitude of goals I usually set each month, I’ve decided to focus on one skill/mantra/habit to work on. Last month my ‘Tracking’ goal was a great help – I really think it kept me motivated and discover new things about myself. This month, the whirlwind month that is February, my […]

January 2015 in Review

January in Review.

Woohoo! It’s over! Dark days getting brighter, and spring time ahead. Well, in like a month or two… or three… Still, the painfulness that is January is behind us and – hang on. Painful? This month was (for the first time ever) a very happy month for me. Not for any particular reason – I […]

DIY Dairy-Free Vegan Protein Powder Recipe (For Cheap)

DIY plant protein

If you read my elegiac post earlier this week about my battle with adult acne and rosacea, (firstly, well done for getting through it) and secondly, you’ll know about my current ban on whey. NO WHEY? Yes way. Erm… Now, I’m not a big protein powder supplementer (word?) but it is just something I like […]

No Whey Do I Still Have Acne!?

no whey

Haha I think that may be my favourite post title ever. Ok, so this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time. I’ve eluded to my battle with the face bumps plenty of times before, but I see this as more a complete summary of: What my ‘skin story’ is up to now What […]